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Fantagio’s new boy group Lun8 to debut on June 15

Fantagio’s new boy group Lun8 will debut on June 15, the agency said Tuesday.

The eight-member group is dropping its first mini album “Continue?” on the same day, according to Fantagio.

The eight-piece is Fantagio's first boy group in seven years since the debut of Astro. Lun8 consists of seven Korean members -- Chael, Jinsu, Junwoo, Dohyun, Ian, Eunho and Eunseop -- and one Japanese member, Takuma.

The group name holds the meaning of “eight boys who embrace the moon and light up the dark night.”

The group unveiled its debut schedule poster on its official social media account on Monday.

The poster shows a pop-up message on a game machine that asks, “Continue?” It's a message that usually shows up in a game when a player wishes to continue playing the game after losing.

Lun8 will present diverse teaser content prior to its official debut such as an album preview, concept photos, highlight medley clip and a music video teaser starting Tuesday. [TheHeraldKorea]


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