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Threads of Existence Elham Shafaei, Sara Al Haddad

 [Dubai, 23 February 2024] Aisha Alabbar Gallery is pleased to present Threads of Existence, a group exhibition featuring two UAE-based artists: Elham Shafaei, Sara Al Haddad.

Sara Al Haddad andElhamShafaei weave the intricate threads of their artistic journeys, diving deep into the profound themes of loss and belonging through their unique creative expressions. Sara, skillfully crafts delicate objects from yarn and fiber, not just occupying spaces but embodying the passage of time itself. Each piece, whether hung, wrapped, or arranged, whispers stories of Sara's inner struggles, subtly evolving with its environment.

Meanwhile, Elham embarks on diverse artistic explorations within her studio, blending painting and stitching to explore the essence of being human. For Elham, loss is a universal melody echoing from the very moment of our separation from the maternal embrace. Through her art, she delves into the yearning for connection, intertwining melancholic tales and stitched narratives that mirror life's intricate tapestry.

Together, Sara and Elham confront the essence of human existence—the longing for connection amid the bittersweet journey of loss. Through their chosen mediums of fiber and paint, they extend a heartfelt invitation to viewers to contemplate the depths of identity and the timeless quest for belonging. In "Threads of Existence," Sara and Elham beckon us to journey alongside them, embracing the ebb and flow of time, and embracing the eternal search for our place in the world's rich tapestry.

 About Aisha Alabbar Gallery

 Founded in 2018 in Al Quoz, Aisha Alabbar Gallery is one of the first women-led and Emirati-led galleries in Dubai focused on contemporary and modern art by Emirati, local, and regional artists. The gallery seeks to further the practices of emerging and established artists, who are the inspiration for the gallery’s diverse range of programming.

 Dedicated to UAE-based artists and producing five innovative exhibitions per year, Aisha Alabbar Gallery has built a reputation for rigorous exhibition presentations and for collaborations with renowned curators and organisations, investing considerable resources in bringing the practices of artists in The UAEtothecontemporary stage.

 A commitment to education and community strengthens the gallery’s exhibition programme. Each show is accompanied by immersive activations, talks, and workshops with the purpose of engaging diverse audiences. The gallery seeks to contribute to a lasting, evolving UAE arts ecosystem through its exhibitions, accompanying programming and commissioned, in-depth publications.

 Artists: Sara Al Hadad, Elham Shafaei

Exhibition duration: 27 February– 25 April

Exhibition opening: 27 February, 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm To book a private tour of the show, please email or call +971 4 344 7747


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