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YG to launch Blackpink The Game

YG Entertainment is launching a mobile game utilizing Blackpink intellectual property with Takeone in the second quarter of this year.

In Blackpink The Game, the player acts as the producer that nurtures Blackpink members into K-pop idols, YG said Tuesday.

The player can run a training and business management simulations and decorate the avatars of Blackpink members.

The players can also communicate with other users from around the world.

Blackpink took part in the project by helping to creating content for the game, such as songs and a music video.

“Players will be able to meet with Blackpink in diverse concepts that have never been seen before.

We hope that Blackpink fans around the world can enjoy the special world in Blackpink The Game,” said YG Entertainment.

“We are happy to introduce the first official game of the worldfamous K-pop girl group Blackpink," Takeone said. "We will show a game like no other with our know-how in content game production and the active participation of Blackpink members." [TheKoreaHerald]


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