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Yellow Door: Netflix presents new look at director Bong Joon-ho

Netflix confirmed Friday the production of a new documentary film, with the working title, “Yellow Door: Looking for Director Bong’s Unreleased Short Film.”

The upcoming film will take the audience on a journey to uncover Bong Joon-ho's first film as told through the stories of others around him during his younger directing days. Prior to the 18-minute short film “White Man” (1994), a film widely known as the director’s first film, the Oscar-winning director created an animation film titled “Looking for Paradise” (1992).

According to Netflix, the documentary centers around members of a movie club named Yellow Door, now defunct, and the only people ever to have watched Bong's first film in 1992. It has not been seen since.

Starting with the recollections of two former Yellow Door members -- documentary director Lee Hyukrae of “Sewing Sisters” (2022) and Kim Hyung-ok, CEO of the production company Broccoli Pictures -- the film presents a look at young Bong Joon-ho, who was a passionate movie fan, drawing memorable scenes from “The Godfather.”

Featuring stories of renowned content creators, the documentary seeks to offer a time-travel experience and bring out the lesser-known memories of Yellow Door from 30 years ago.

“Yellow Door: Looking for Director Bong’s Unreleased Short Film” will be released exclusively through Netflix in 2023. [TheKoreaHerald]


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