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We X Each Other = We Are

We Connect each other and become a whole

'We x Each other = We Are' refers to the exploration of the Gestalt psychology proposition "The whole is more than the sum of its parts" (Das Ganze ist mehr als die Summe seiner Telle)

When a few lines are added in a planar figure, the visual sensation recognized by the human eye actively intervenes in the cognitive function and recognizes it as a three-dimensional figure.

It is equal to the principle of looking at only a few successive lines and recognizing them as a complete cube. Each line is connected from one end to the other and forming a whole which is more than the sun of all parts.

This exhibition conveys the desire of each individual artist to gather as a whole, to interact with the audience through the exhibition and to become more of "us" than each other.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the country, Ryu Jae-sung, inaugurated an art exhibition entitled (Us and You) yesterday at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi’s creative district, which will be open until September 17th. In February and an exhibition organized by the Korean Emirates Art Content Society in collaboration with the center. Skills development. The exhibition includes artwork using traditional Korean painting, printmaking, botanical art, NFT art, and metal crafts by 10 Korean KUACA artists: Mihyun Kim, Minyoung Kim, Suha Kim, Eun Hee Kim, Jaehye Kim, Hyung Sim Jang, and Yubin Choi . .Jina Choi, Seon Han and Didi Carls The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea said at the opening of the exhibition in the United Arab Emirates: This exhibition has special significance because it is held after the summit between His Excellency the President of the Republic of Korea Yun Seok Yul and the President of the Republic of Korea. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of State, may God protect him. During the meeting, the two presidents highlighted the importance of expanding and deepening cultural exchange between the two countries and added: The understanding and cultural compatibility between our peoples is a valuable basis for strengthening exchanges and cooperation in other areas, such as the economy and security. He added: Dear association president Kim Ji-hye, vice president Kim Mi-hyun and all members of the Korea Emirates Art Content Association, you are at the forefront of expressing the beauty and brilliance of Korean art and bringing it to the mainstream. people together. . Arab Emirates. And Ryu Jae-sung emphasized that the owners of the art exhibited here are residents of the United Arab Emirates, so they know the local culture better (than other Korean artists). He said: We hope these works resonate with the Emirati community and receive positive feedback. Despite the physical distance, I hope that this exhibition will be a bridge to spiritually bring our two countries closer together. The opening ceremony was attended by Nam Chan Woo, Cultural Attaché of the Korean Embassy, ​​Hamid Al Hamadi, Head of UAE-Korea Friendship Association, Nora Al Menhal, Head of TIKA UAE-Korea Cultural Exchange Team, Maisa Al . Wahaib, Deputy Head of TEKA UAE-Korea Cultural Exchange Team, Coordinator Myung Ryu, participating artists and many art fans in both countries. The association was founded in September 2022 and its members are 19 Koreans living in the UAE, whose mission is to develop Korean art and open opportunities for artistic cultural exchange with the UAE art community. The association was created to promote and support Korean artists in the UAE and contribute to the enrichment of art and content in the region.

Source: Al Ittihad


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