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한국미술콘텐츠협회 발족식 KUACA Korean UAE Art & Content Association Launch Day

Thank you very much for taking the time to attend this event.

Thank you to Consul General Moon Byung-joon, who is always striving to promote art integration between Korea and the United Arab Emirates, for being here. We would also like to thank President Shin Min-cheol of the Korean Society of UAE, and Vice President Ko Jae-yu, for their support in attending this event. And also to Counselor Nam Chan-woo of the Korean Cultural Centre, who has come all the way from Abu Dhabi to be with us today.

We would like to express our great gratitude to Tashkeel for opening this space to us and helping us so much to hold the launch ceremony of KUACA, as well as to the Deputy Director of Tashkeel, Lisa Ball-Lechgar and all of the Tashkeel staff.

The Korean UAE Art and Content Association, KUACA, is a group created to contribute to the development of art and content in the UAE, by promoting exchanges between and contributions from Korean artists operating in the UAE. The UAE and South Korea have very strong economic and diplomatic ties, but there is room for development of the artistic and cultural ties and this is where KUACA comes in. Through KUACA we hope to develop a thriving gathering of artists and content practitioners who are active in the UAE, to have fun together, and to develop their abilities within the relevant areas, thereby spreading the charm of Korean art and originality in the UAE.

Through regular exhibitions and exchanges with associations of other countries, KUACA will provide a new platform for Korean artists and content generators in the UAE to demonstrate their abilities, and we hope that the Korean people in the UAE will also look at its works and take pride in the artistic output.

We also hope to open a charity exhibition so that we can be a force for refugees and those in need in society. Through these philanthropic activities, we hope that the members of our association will also have the real joy of being able to derive valuable meaning through their activities with the association.

Through voluntary sessions and workshops led by association members, we are planning opportunities for members to share their skills and knowledge in the fields of Korean painting, printmaking, NFT art, art education, and media content. Through this, we hope to be an opportunity to inform the UAE at large about Korean culture, expand the access of the general public to art, and communicate in a friendly way.

We sincerely welcome you to join us in this association that has started today with a strong and exciting purpose. As this association has been founded with the support of a group of very passionate artists, we look forward to working together with you all to the best of our ability as soon as the opportunity presents itself. We hope that with each other's hard work, KUACA will be a great influence on us all and a wonderful opportunity for learning and for showcasing the very best that Korea has to offer the UAE in the field of art and culture.


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