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The legendary Mrs lady of the year middle east award ceremony

The legendary Mrs lady of the year middle east award ceremony was held in Dubai at the chic Dusit Thani Hotel in the event hall. The organizers and producers of this event is Mrs Universe ltd company represented by the founder of Megi Savova and company Mrs beauty e & f show organizing representative by Veronika Huseynli Ahmed.

The idea of ​​the award is to find those modern women, famous or not, who make a name for themselves and are proud of it. These are the ladies we know because of what they have done themselves. They are mothers, they are friends, they are business partners, they make our products, they create jobs. They give courage to others and, above all, symbolize everything that a modern lady has.

There were over 80 ladies competing for distribution in 32 nominations, but the jury decided to award only 21of them.

As per tradition The gala evening unfolded with glamour and elegance, as winners and guests gathered to honor the inspiring women who have made a lasting impact in their respective fields.

The host of the event was TV presenters a Wassim Mandil ( Hosting the highest events including FIFA - World Cup 2022 in Dubai & Guinness World Records Official Attempt, Waseem took the event to the world’s level) and Natali Kortes( international presenter, organizer, blogger, artist)

Awarded ladies:

1: Business leader, ambassador - H.E Aareefa Al Falahi

2: Intercontinental Fasion designer Mona Al Mansouri

3: First UAE aircraft engender Eng Suaad al Shamsi

4: Economic diplomacy and investment in international trade relations H.E Noof Alyafei

5: Media ambassador Alia Al Shilli

6: Owner founder of “natural number one” cosmetic Mona Hussain

7: Goodwill ambassador, Vice President Refai NGO -H.E Layla Rahhal

8: Media coordinator, super star of gee social media- Zainab Al Saadi

9: Sudani fashion designer- Sara Yassien

10: Trainer and beautician, owner of Safa dream salon- Safa Selmi

11: Emirati Artist- Awaf Ismail

12: Real states business- Ghizlane Karaoui

13: Owner and founder of company Mrs Universe Ltd- Megi Savova

14: Turn key Tko company- Aasia Zehra

15: Owner of D’Daniela fashion company- Katrina Dontu

16: Owner and founder of FFA fashion company - Moon Mukerjee

17: Mozaffarian group- Alaleh Mozafarian

18: Owner & founder of CD luxury magazine- Saimure Duolikun

19: Founder of Alish Apparel, director of Danube welfare center- Shabnam Nissar Kassam

20: Emirati actress- Shaikah al Bader

21: Pandora finance advisory company owner- Natalia Belinskaia

The organizers extend their deepest gratitude to each participant, partner, media sponsor, and supporter who contributed to the success of the “Mrs. Lady of The Year Middle East 2023” awards. Their unwavering dedication has showcased the power and influence of women in society.

The event marked a significant moment in celebrating the achievements of women in the Middle East, and the “Mrs. Lady of The Year” awards are set to continue honoring the remarkable journeys of inspiring women, ensuring their stories resonate globally.

Mrs beauty event & fashion show organizing team:

Veronika Huseynli Ahmed

Megi Savova

Raghida Akoury

Natali Kortes

Wassim Mandil

Hanif Sheikh


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