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Shownu X Hyungwon debutas Monsta X's first subunit with 'The Unseen'

K-pop boy band Monsta X's Shownu and Hyungwon are set to make their subunit debut Tuesday with the EP "The Unseen."

Under the name Shownu X Hyungwon, the duo is emerging as the six-piece's first subunit group.

The new album, "The Unseen," looks into the minds of the two singers as they face the various shapes of "self" seen through the eyes of others.

Just like other Monsta X music, the duet touches on various ideas of love and plays them out through the EP's five songs, "Love Me A Little," "Love Therapy," "Roll With Me," "Play Me" and "Slow Dance."

The two members have also expanded on their individual capacities with the album, with Hyungwon taking part in the music production and Shownu in crafting the choreography.

Touted as one of the band's producing trio, along with Joohoney and I.M, Hyungwon goes onto prove his flair as producer with two self-made songs: title track "Love Me A Little" and B-side score "Roll With Me."

The 29-year-old singer-songwriter has gradually broadened his musical spectrum by contributing to several of the band's songs -- including "Lone Ranger," "Where Is This Love," "Nobody Else," "Mercy," "Secrets" and "Wildfire" -- and his bandmate Kihyun's solo song "Bad Liar."

Shownu, a renowned performer in the K-pop scene who recently starred as a judge for the second season of dance competition show "Street Woman Fighter," took the lead in crafting the choreography for "Love Me A Little." The 31-year-old has teamed up with Freemind, the star dance crew also behind many of Monsta X's iconic choreography sequences, including those for "Rush Hour," "Gambler," "Alligator" and "Dramarama."

Monsta X is showcasing its first subunit in over eight years since its debut in 2015. The band has since gone on to garner a loyal fanbase worldwide with its uniquely aggressive and performance-oriented music style, backed by the bandmates' striking vocal prowess and producing talents.

With "The Unseen," Shownu is finally ending his military service hiatus. Shownu was discharged in April from his obligatory duty and is returning as a singer after two years since the release of Monsta X's special single, "Kiss Or Death," in July 2021.

In celebration of Shownu X Hyungwon's debut, the duo will launch a live talk show, "'The Unseen' Release Talk Live," via the band's official YouTube channel at 8 p.m. on Tuesday.


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