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Season 2 Comeback of 'Earth Arcade'... Lee Eun-ji → Ahn Yoo-jin get back together

"Earth Arcade" returns for Season 2. The members, who left for Thailand last summer, are planning a trip to a "cold country" this time, raising expectations.

As a result of OSEN's coverage on the 10th, tvN's new variety show "Boom Earth Entertainment Room Season 2" is undergoing filming with the goal of releasing it in the second quarter of 2023.

"Earth Arcade" is a new hybrid multiverse action-adventure variety show in which four heroes who have united to catch a moon rabbit that has escaped to Earth cross time and space. Na Young-seok drew attention as a new variety show by PD, and the four reclusive masters of the entertainment show, Lee Eun-ji, Oh My Girl Mimi, Lee Young-ji, and Ive Ahn Yoo-jin, made a splash.

The "Earth Recreation Room" was called the women's version of "New Journey to the West" and attracted attention. The combination of Lee Eun-ji, Mimi, Lee Young-ji, and Ahn Yoo-jin, which was similar in worldview and format to "New Journey to the West", was a great success with a fantastic synergy. The combination of Lee Eun-ji's skillful sense of entertainment, Lee Young-ji's ambitious energy, Mimi's unique charm and pronunciation, and Ahn Yoo-jin, the "clear-eyed madman," was enough to baffle even the 22-year-old PD.

First broadcast on June 24 last year, "Earth Arcade" aired on Friday night, the biggest battle for variety shows, and recorded a peak rating of 3.8 percent. The combination of the entertainment crew and the members who surpassed it has also raised the voices of viewers demanding a second season for the "Earth Entertainment Room," which boasted a huge impact.

When Na Young-suk PD was asked about Season 2 on "Channel Ten Oya" YouTube, he raised expectations by saying, "We will release it as soon as possible." PD Park Hyun-yong also said in an interview last year about "Earth Entertainment Room Season 2," "I want it to be as soon as possible. Everyone is busy, so if we keep up with our schedules, I think we can do it in the next year or so."

"Earth Entertainment Room" responded to viewers' expectations with a comeback for Season 2. Season 2 of "Earth Entertainment Room" is scheduled to premiere in the second quarter of 2023. The members will remain Lee Eun-ji, Mimi, Lee Young-ji, and Ahn Yoo-jin, and the setting of Season 2 is set in the opposite place of the "hot country" Thailand. In particular, the production team teases a "revenge drama" for the members with a more colorful game, raising expectations.

On the other hand, the second season of "Earth Entertainment Room" is scheduled for 12 episodes, including the director's version. [OSEN]


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