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Oh My Girl to make this summer its golden time

Oh My Girl returned as a full unit for the first time in a year and four months with its ninth mini album “Golden Hourglass” on Monday.

“The title of this album is a combination of ‘golden time’ and ‘hourglass.’ Once the sand goes down the hourglass, it does not go back up on its own. But we wanted to convey the meaning that we will make our own golden time by flipping the hourglass because our golden time is now,” said Hyojung, the band's leader during a press conference in Seoul.

In its new album, Oh My Girl wanted to express itself as a “light” that creates a new wave.

The group members emphasized that they hope to continue their journey as K-pop idols at their own pace and their unique musical traits.

Oh My Girl, which consists of six members -- Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Yubin and Arin -- is known for its mystical and lyrical music style.

The ninth EP comprises a total of six tracks led by the title track “Summer Comes," about the feeling of having butterflies when hearing the voice of a loved one.

“The title track accentuates the vocal traits of all our members that together create a synergy to make the single into a better song,” said Yubin.

“The concept and the mood of this single suit us well. The lyrics are very expressive, along with our choreography. We tried to express things that remind us of summer, like waves with our arms and a sea shell with our hands,” said YooA.

The fast-paced title track also consists mostly of powerful and energetic choreography that dynamically express the lyrics.

The music video for the title track was cinematic, with Oh My Girl being chased by zombies.

“I think it was the first time we have zombies in our music video. These zombies are the actors that actually starred in the Netflix series ‘All of Us Are Dead,’ and they were so realistic that they scared us,” said Mimi.

Mimi raised her profile in the public spotlight recently, thanks to her starring role in tvN’s popular entertainment show “Earth Arcade.”

“I am really grateful for all the love I've been getting for the show. This love and support has made me feel a greater sense of responsibility and to do my best in everything. All our members are doing their best in their own fields of interest,” said Mimi.

Many of the band's members are expanding their range by debuting as actors and also releasing solo albums.

The new album also carries a fan song titled “Miracle,” in which all members took part in writing the lyrics.

“We wanted to give back the abundant love we’ve received from our fans, so we wrote these lyrics to convey our thoughts and feelings toward our fandom Miracle. This song makes all of us emotional,” said Seunghee.

“We want to be a group that people look forward to seeing more of. We want to show new facets of ourselves through new albums, and we hope to spread our bright energy to the public,” said Hyojung. [TheKoreaHerald]


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