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Medium-term accelerates UAE cooperation project... Operation of public-private cooperation TF

The Ministry of SMEs and Ventures announced on the 24th that it has formed and operated a public-private cooperation task force (TF) to promote the contents of the MOU signed with the UAE Ministry of Economy during President Yoon Seok-yeol's recent trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This month, the MSF will launch a manager-level TF composed of not only representatives of mid-level and affiliated institutions such as start-ups, ventures, exports, and technology, but also civilian experts in the Middle East region and related fields. It is a method of expanding and operating the existing working-level consultation channels to the TF level.

In addition, when selecting companies for the 'Super Gap Startup 1000+ Project', which selects and supports startups in the top 10 new industries in April ~ May, it plans to separately select companies that want to enter the UAE. It then requests the UAE Ministry of Economy for a local expansion support program suitable for these companies. It also agreed to support super-gap startups in conjunction with the UAE Trade Mission, which is scheduled to be dispatched in the first half of this year.

The MSF will also discuss with the UAE Ministry of Economy the creation of a joint fund to support bilateral investment cooperation and investment in outstanding start-ups.

In addition, the Dubai Export Business Incubator (BI), which opened in 2006, will be reorganized into a Global Business Center (GBC) with enhanced functions such as specialized programs and local networking.

During the trip, the company also signed a business agreement with DMI, a media company in Dubai, and as a follow-up to this, it plans to dispatch a trade delegation of more than 50 companies, including beauty and medical device and content SMEs, in June. [SeoulDaily]


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