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Le Sserafim to return next month

Le Sserafim will come out with second EP “AntiFragile” on Oct. 17, announced agency Source Music on Monday.

The group’s EP “Fearless” was released in May. The title track from the EP entered Billboard’s global chart, maintaining its spot for 19 weeks. The music video for the debut song amassed 100 million views on YouTube in 100 days. The EP also sold more than 300,000 copies in the first week of sales, a record for a debut album from a K-pop girl group at the time.

The rookie girl group started as a six-member team, but Kim Garam left about two months after the debut amid controversy surrounding school bullying.

The performance video for Blackpink’s “Shut Down” surpassed 10 million views on YouTube in half a day. “Shut Down” is the main track from its second studio album, “Born Pink,” and landed atop Spotify’s daily top songs global chart, stayed for two days. It was No. 1 on iTunes top songs charts in 43 regions. The LP was fully released Friday and sold more than 1 million copies on the first day, a first for a K-pop girl group. The album sold over 2 million units in preorders, raising expectations for it to set records. It topped iTunes top albums chart in 54 regions.

Meanwhile, the group is set to kick off a massive international tour next month with two concerts in Seoul. It continues to expand the tour, adding Berlin to the European leg that now is up to 10 concerts in seven cities. Its North American leg also has 10 concerts across seven cities. [TheKoreaHerald]


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