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K-pop artists to celebrate coming of spring

The K-pop scene welcomes back some familiar faces in March that have been missed, just as spring begins.

First on the list of much-celebrated returns is Onew of SHINee, with his first solo full-length album “Circle” coming on Monday.

"Circle" will be released some 11 months after the artist's second mini album “Dice.” The album comprises 10 tracks across diverse genres, with the lead track “O.” The main track is an R&B song in which the sounds of arpeggio synths, heavy bass and groovy melodies deliver a message about the cycle of one's life and the parallels to nature.

Renowned artists such as rapper Giriboy and singer-songwriter Sam Kim took part in the making and composition of some tracks on the album.

On the same day, K-pop boy band Cravity is also releasing its fifth mini album, “Master: Piece.”

The album consists of lead single “Groovy” alongside the five sidetracks "Fly," “Get Lifted,” “Baddie,” “A to Z” and “Light the Way.”

The lead single is in a 2000s retro pop and hip-hop style that represents Cravity’s identity. Two members of the group, Serim and Allen, wrote lyrics on the track. On March 7, Cherry Bullet is back with a third mini album, “Cherry Dash,” a year after its last album. The energetic K-pop girl group will show a confident side on “P.O.W!” talking about their strong ambitions to become center of the world.

Next up to return is Twice with its 12th mini album, “Ready To Be,” on March 10.

Coming 11 months since its last album release, the long-anticipated drop is led by “Set Me Free,” a song with powerful sounds and groove lines.

Aside from the lead track, the album consists of six other tracks including the English version of the lead single, English single “Moonlight Sunrise” that was released in January, “Got the Thrills,” “Blame it on Me,” “Wallflower” and “Crazy Stupid Love.”

Dahyeon of Twice took part in writing the lyrics for “Blame it on Me” and “Crazy Stupid Love.”

Kai of EXO will come out with the new mini album “Rover” on March 13. His third mini album follows "Peaches," released in November 2021.

Expectations are high for yet another stylish and outstanding album by the world-class performer.

Last but not least, Jimin of K-pop phenomenon BTS will drop his first solo album “Face” on March 24.

Prior to the release of the album, Jimin will unveil the prerelease single “Set Me Free Pt. 2,” about letting go of many feelings to live a free life, on March 17.

“Face” carries six tracks, including lead single “Like Crazy” and its English version, alongside “Set Me Free Pt. 2,” “Face-off,” “Interlude: Dive” and “Alone.” “Like Crazy” is a synth-pop tune that accentuates Jimin’s mellow voice with strong synth and drum sounds.

Renowned musicians including Pdogg, Supreme Boi, Ghstloop, Evan, Blvsh, Chris James, and RM of BTS took part in bringing the album together. [TheKoreaherald]


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