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Jang Hang-jun, Kim Eun-hee’s sports comedy ‘Rebound’ to open in April

Filmmaker Jang Hangjun and his wife and star writer Kim Eunhee’s sports comedy “Rebound” will hit local theaters in April, distribution company Barunson E&A said Monday.

Based on the real-life story of a basketball team at a high school in Busan in 2012, director Jang has moved the eight-day high school basketball competition event to the screen.

The production team for 2017 hit film “The Outlaws” has prepared for the film since 2013, and writer Kwon Sung-hui of Netflix hit series “Narco-Saints” (2022) and Kim Eun-hee of hit TV drama “Signal” (2016) and Netflix series “Kingdom” (2019) have joined on for the dramatic storyline.

This will be the fifth project for the filmmaker and writer couple to work on together.

Ahn Jae-hong, who has starred in various hit TV dramas and films including TVN series “Reply 1988” (2015) and rom-com series “Melo is my Nature” (2019), appears as Yang-hyun, a former basketball player newly recruited to be the basketball coach at Busan Joongsang High School.

Lee Shin-young, Jung Jin-woon, Kim Taek, Jung Geon-ju, Kim Min and Ahn Ji-ho star as Busan Joongang High School players who endeavor in their struggles together after encountering the country’s top basketball team at Yongsan High School.

“Rebound” has garnered industry attention for being the first film investment project for gaming conglomerate Nexon Korea.

“We decided to participate in the production of ‘Rebound’ to deliver a positive message to teenagers through this film,” said Nexon Korea CEO Lee Junghun. [TheKoreaHerald]


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