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Gaya Al Ababi, the UAE's Youngest Environmentalist, Experiences Korean Culture

Ghaya Al Ahbabi, the youngest environmentalist in the UAE, recently visited the Korean Embassy (Ambassador Yoo Jeh Seung) in the UAE and the Korean Cultural Centre to experience Korean culture.


At the Korean Cultural Centre, Ghaya participated in various cultural activities such as Tuho, jegichagi, traditional mother-of-pearl crafts, and wearing hanbok. During her visit to the Korean Embassy, she tasted various Korean dishes including Galbi-jjim (braised beef short ribs), gimbap, and tteokbokki.


At just 14 years old, Ghaya Al Ahbabi, known in the UAE as "Green Girl" or "Green Ghaya," made history as the youngest UNICEF Ambassador to attend COP 28 in 2023, the first time the event was held in the UAE.


Green Ghaya is actively involved in raising awareness about climate change in the UAE. She shares her vision by engaging with people from different sectors and promoting environmental sustainability.


Green Ghaya's relationship with Korea began when she participated in the COP28 "Our Green Environment" event as a panelist alongside Grace Jooeun Choi, a student from Korea. This exchange between environmentally conscious girls from both countries led to Ghaya's opportunity to experience Korean culture.

Korean Embassy officials noted that they will continue to diversify bilateral exchanges by organizing cultural events for children from both countries to interact and learn from each other in the future.


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