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'Extra Ordinary Attorney Woo' could be set for a U.S. remake

Cable channel ENA's hit legal drama series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is reportedly in talks about a U.S. remake. An insider from the series’ production company A Story revealed to local media outlets Thursday that they are “reviewing a proposal for the series to be adapted to an American remake.” The series revolves around brilliant rookie attorney Woo Young-woo, portrayed by Park Eun-bin, who is on the autism spectrum. Each episode revolves around different cases and the people she encounters while working at big-name law firm Hanbada. She resolves each case in her own unique way and crushes the stereotypes of the people who look down on her.

The series, which has aired five episodes so far, is proving to be a sensational hit nationwide. The series is also seeing popularity across the globe. It topped Netflix's weekly Global Top 10 chart as it was streamed over 23.95 million hours in the category of non-English TV series from July 4 to 10. Other Korean series “Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area,” a Netflix original, and tvN’s “Alchemy of Souls” and “Ghost Doctor” sit in third, fifth and ninth place. “Good Doctor” (2013), which aired on KBS and also revolves around a character with autism, portrayed by Joo Won, was successfully remade into American drama series as “The Good Doctor” starring Freddie Highmore as the main protagonist Shaun Murphy. [KoreaJoongAngDaily]


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