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Please note: all events will continue to go ahead between 3 and 7 December, including those scheduled for the UAE public holidays. If you were not able to join us due to previous work commitments, we hope the public holiday will allow you to register and attend!

COP28 Climate Finance Summit: Financing Survival

Keynote speakers include: Hamza Yousaf, First Minister of Scotland; Sonya Gibbs, Managing Director, IIF; and Steven van Rijswijk, CEO, ING.

Join the leading bankers, asset managers, regulators, and multilaterals to explore survival financing topics. Themes include transforming finance pace and scale, expanding climate finance access, innovating financial products, enhancing voluntary carbon markets, and more.

Adam Smith and Ibn Khaldun at COP28

Keynote speakers: Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Chairman MIFC Leadership Council, Dame Professor Heather McGregor, Provost and VP, Heriot-Watt University Dubai, and Saker Nusseibeh, CEO, Federated Hermes. Join an evening lecture on Scottish Enlightenment economist Adam Smith and famed Arab social theorist Ibn Khaldun, tackling their views on profit and purpose, their understanding of the rise and fall of empires, and their approaches to solving collective problems.

Demystifying Climate Risk Management - Discussion

Moderator: Dr. Wendy Dobson, Global Head of ESG and Sustainability Solutions. Global climate regulations are challenging financial institutions worldwide, from the UAE to the US and EU. The way these institutions handle climate risk is crucial for both investors and clients, impacting the resilience of banks and insurers. Investors seek assurance regarding this resilience, influencing their decisions, while clients may encounter increased interest rates and insurance premiums due to heightened exposure to climate risk.

Unlocking Islamic Finance at COP28

Keynote speakers: Dr.Zamir Iqbal, VP and CFO of Islamic Development Bank, Sharifatul Hanizah, Executive Director of ICM, Securities Commision Malaysia, and H.E. Suminto Sastrosuwito, Director General of Budget Financing and Risk Management, MoF, the Republic of Indonesia. As COP28 takes place in Dubai, attention turns to the untapped potential of interest-free, Shariah-compliant finance for sustainability. This event explores aligning these value-driven financial approaches through new standards and practices.

SDG Hive Sessions

Keynote speakers: Michael Mainelli,The Rt Hon, The Lord Mayor of London, Cara Williams, Global ESG and Sustainability Lead, Mercer, and Richard Mattihson, Vice Chair, S&P Global. The COP28 SDG Hive sessions comprise a sequence of impactful dialogues centered on key COP28 topics, aimed at uniting financial professionals and equipping them with the necessary expertise to combat the climate emergency. The SDG Hive is a platform created from Ethical Finance Global Summit.


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