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Chungha takes on new challenge with ‘Bare & Rare Pt.1'

K-pop singer Chungha returned to the K-pop scene, hoping to show more of herself on her challenging second full-length album “Bare & Rare Pt.1.” It has been around a year and a half since the release of her first studio album, “Querencia,” in February last year. The soloist participated in producing the music and writing the lyrics for all eight tracks. “I had never been able to share my real stories and memories in my music. Since my fans have been waiting so long for the new album, I wanted to open my heart on it,” Chungha said in a press event held at Blue Square in Yongsan, central Seoul, on Monday, ahead of the album's release at 6 p.m. “I was just a performer who sang things that were made over by others. I thought it was time to step forward bravely. It feels like I have taken off my flak jacket,” she said while explaining the story behind how she came up with the title “Bare & Rare.” She shared that the album is divided into two parts, and the second part will be released soon.

The new studio album starts with “XXXX,” followed by the lead track “Sparkling,” which features fast beats and sounds of analog synthesizer’s arpeggio melodies, mixing with retro drum sounds and pounding electronic guitar riffs. The other six songs on the album are “Louder,” “Crazy Like You,” “California Dream,” “Good Night My Princess” and “Love Me Out Loud.” Among the eight tracks, the artist said that “Good Night My Princess,” about her mom, is the most personal for her. She said, “My mom does not even know I wrote the song. I sing about her heartache when I was in my childhood. I had to be very careful.” Chungha added that another song, “Crazy Like You,” shows her evil side. Since she is more attached to the album, feeling a sense of “accomplishment” means more to her rather than setting records, the musician said. “The process of making the album gave me a lump in my throat. I'm so satisfied with the outcome, and hope listeners feel the same way,” she added. Chungha, formerly of now-disbanded girl group I.O.I, made her solo debut with EP “Hands on Me,” featuring the lead track “Why Don’t You Know,” released in 2017. She has released several hit songs, including “Roller Coaster,” “Stay Tonight,” “Gotta Go” and “Snapping.” She is known for her impressive hip-hop moves, impromptu dances, and strong vocals. [TheKoreaHerald]


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