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Children’s workshop: Art Talks with Educator EY Lucy Jung

Join this engaging and informative Art Talks workshop designed by educator EY Lucy Jung. Art Talks is a child-led series that takes place across exhibitions and encourages observation, discussion, collaboration and hands-on making to foster creative learning. 

In this edition, children are invited to select artworks from the current exhibition Some Seasons: Fereydoun and the Laal Collection 1959-2019, and with a series of helpful prompts, discuss the meaning behind the artworks and their process. Children also gain a deep dive into Fereydoun Ave’s collection, learning the value of collecting even as a hobby, whether it’s objects, books, found materials or artworks. In response to the guided tour, children translate their thoughts into artworks.

Art Talks actively engages children in critical thinking and enhances their communication skills. Through shared learning experiences, children build connections within their community by collaborating to uncover unique perspectives.

This workshop is free to attend and is suitable for ages 6-12. Early registration is advised as spaces are limited.

No prior art experience is required. All materials and equipment are provided.

About EY Lucy Jung

EY Lucy Jung is an art curriculum designer and educator with an Ed.M. degree in Art and Art Education from Columbia University in New York. Relocating to Dubai in 2016, Lucy has organised and managed art workshops with kids such as Dreamscape at the Courtyard, Egyptian Blue at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Sustainability at the Alif Mobility Pavilion Expo2020 and Little Leonardo and many more. Lucy is interested in developing an effective and meaningful partnership between art museums and local schools to provide opportunities for children to experience and enjoy art to enrich their understanding of themselves and the world around them. In her free time, Lucy likes to play piano, host cooking classes, and read books together with her friends.

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