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'Big Bet’ to return with season 2

Disney+ Korean original series “Big Bet” will return with expanded stories for its second season, set to be released on Feb. 15., the streaming service confirmed Thursday.

“Big Bet,” which features movie star Choi Min-sik’s first performance in a drama series in 25 years, had the highest first-week viewing figures of any of the service’s Korean original series, according to Disney+. The first season of "Big Bet" will end on Wednesday. The noir series, widely known here by its Korean title “Casino,” follows the tale of casino owner Cha Moo-sik (played by Choi). After losing everything he has earned, Moo-sik becomes caught up in a murder case. Attempting to escape from his misfortune, the casino mogul makes a “big bet” by staking his life. Season 2 will feature the rising tension between Cha and Korean detective Oh Seung-hoon (played by Son Suk-ku), who arrives in the Philippines to investigate the mysterious deaths of Koreans.

The first three episodes of ‘Big Bet’ season 2 will be released on Feb. 15. One episode will be released on Wednesdays after that," the streaming service said in a recent press release.

With another eight episodes, “Big Bet” is set to complete its noir stories in the second season. [TheKoreaHerald]

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