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Yes2Connect Global platform aligns with UAE's commitment to advocating Marine Sustainability

Yes2Connect Global platform aligns with UAE's commitment to advocating Marine Sustainability in collaboration with Arivo FZE and BigTimeLeap

Yes2Connect Global actively explores and invites collaborations with industry leaders to further advance the adoption and implementation of this digital revolution and sustainability; the platform announces to unveil programs supporting sustainability aimed at reducing marine pollution, and addressing the challenges posed by climate change. Unlock new opportunities, shape the future of connecting the world of opportunities to youth, and drive sustainable growth in the Marine Industry.

As a part of the UAE's commitment to combatting climate change, the country has joined the Global Methane Pledge, aiming to reduce methane emissions by 30% by the end of 2023 which demonstrates its dedication to preserve marine ecosystems and contribute to global efforts in mitigating climate change.

Recognizing the importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources, the UAE has invested $400 million in assisting developing countries with their renewable energy transition. This investment aims to accelerate the adoption of clean energy solutions, reduce carbon emissions, and promote sustainable development worldwide.

Capt. Sahar Rasti, Chairman and Founder of SJR GROUP and the first UAE female captain, expressed her interest in marine ecology, habitat restoration, and climate change impacts She emphasized the importance of collaboration within communities to raise awareness about marine conservation and foster the well-being of coastal communities.

Roberto Usenich, a marine sustainability consultant and advocate, leads the efforts of Arivo FZE LLC in promoting sustainable practices in the marine environment. Arivo FZE LLC utilizes cutting-edge, eco-friendly technologies to conserve marine ecosystems while considering the social and economic aspects of coastal communities. Roberto's expertise and technological solutions are vital in achieving long-term marine sustainability.

Deepti Umarani, ESG Advisor and Founder/CEO of BigTimeLeap, brings her passion for sustainable business practices to the table. With expertise in environmental, social, and governance factors, Deepti helps organizations navigate the ESG landscape, develop tailored strategies, and achieve long-term success. Her guidance supports responsible and profitable outcomes for clients.

The event held at Bulgari Hotel, a luxurious and sought-after destination in Dubai designed after coral-like sunscreens, brought together industry leaders through a private tour, technology experts, media representatives, and sustainability advocates. Discussions centered around energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, pollution prevention, education and outreach, monitoring, and compliance. The participants emphasized the importance of collective action and partnerships to drive marine sustainability.

Priti Mayank Patel, founder and CEO of Tenet-Media, addressed the challenges posed by climate change and highlighted the role of marine sustainability in mitigating these challenges. As an advisor to Yes2Connect Global, she emphasized the importance of partnerships and collaborations in educating and creating awareness among individuals and entities.

Glorianne Montefrio, co-founder of Yes2Connect and 5G Project, emphasized the need for a committee in Marine Sustainability to increase awareness and promote environmental laws, policies, and regulations related to marine conservation. She urged attendees to join the United Nations Environmental Assembly in adopting a global, legally-binding plastics treaty to address the entire lifecycle of plastics. She invited everyone to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th and World Oceans' Day on June 8th, promoting awareness and action for a healthier planet.

The vision of Yes2Connect Global aligns with the Marine Sustainability Vision spearheaded by the UAE's Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE). This comprehensive initiative aims to control marine pollution, combat climate change, and adapt to its effects. Research and innovation play a crucial role in achieving these goals.

Yes2Connect Global looks forward to joining forces with authoritative agencies, industry leaders, and community organizations in building a robust and impactful community centered around marine sustainability. Together, we can achieve significant progress in safeguarding our oceans and promoting a sustainable marine industry.


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