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Yes2connect Global - a breakthrough community building platform

Yes2connect Global - a breakthrough community building platform amalgamating Technology Opportunity, Diversity, Youth and Sustainability

Yes2Connect Global (Y20) an innovative platform is proud to announce a significant breakthrough in fostering genuine connections with opportunities. This networking platform promises to revolutionize technology by bringing industry experts to give opportunities for impactful connections to our younger generations.

The platform launch was attended by a team of expert researchers, Media, IT, Lawyer, Doctor, Accountants, and represents a significant leap forward to connect diversity and sustainability by harnessing the power of education, information and has the potential to bridge the existing gap thus paving the way for increased efficiency, productivity, and creating a community that connects newcomers to industry experts.

Key objectives include:

Knowledge Exchange

Collaboration and Skill Development

Connection and Networking

Support and Encouragement

Long-term Sustainability

Seeding new ideas and Innovating existing ideas to yield fresh and new results

Topics and discussions:

Lifelong learning in technology and connections by Sonny Verueco of BuidlNation

The secret behind maintaining work-life balance By Dr. Vaness Mousa

Will AI replace humans in the future by Mohamed Saieed

Maintaining a positive attitude, even in the face of challenges By Content Creator Zubair Sarookh

Life lessons to live sustainably by Roberto Eunich

The Power of LinkedIn Connections presented by Wandalyn Canlupig

Role of Cybersecurity and Web3 in our interconnected world by Mr. Amitabh Tiwari

"It's my pleasure to thank you all today for connecting with us despite your busy schedules, me and Glorianne conceptualized and developed this platform to enhance meaningful connections, bring opportunities and highlight the efforts put in by our talented young team of industry experts and the mentees. Our expertise goes beyond connecting you to opportunities and driving collaborations to mentoring our youth and readying them to lead at various roles on a global scale,” said Priti Mayank Patel, Tenet Media Founder/CEO, SII Expansion Partner and Yes2Connect Global Cofounder & Advisor.

“We are grateful and incredibly excited about the potential of this event to drive positive change and empower businesses to connect with global impact from technology experts, creative and sustainability and in addition to its game-changing potential partnership represented with youth leaders from Reem AlMosabbah and Mohammed Mukhtar Jahangeer Unipreneur Founders’” said Glorianne Montefrio; 5G Project Founder/CEO, Yes2Connect Global Founder.

“I would like to thank Glorianne Montefrio and Priti Mayank Patel for providing me this opportunity. I would also like to thank all the speakers for encouraging youth and talking about your experiences. We all got to learn a lot from the session. My friends really liked it and they will surely like to join more of such events! Thanks to this event I got to meet a lot of entrepreneurs and I am excited to work with them in the future . Thank you so much I enjoyed the event fully as an emcee and as a youth” Sanjana Sundararaman of Unipreneur

This blend of diverse perspectives and experiences benefits both individuals and the community as a whole, paving the way for a vibrant and successful collective endeavor.

Yes2connect Global is actively exploring partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders to further advance the adoption and implementation of this digital revolution and sustainability. Together, we can unlock new opportunities, shape the future of connecting the world of opportunities to youth and drive sustainable growth.

About Yes2connect Global:

We aim to create a ripple effect of positive change, where community building becomes a catalyst for sustainable development, social cohesion, and a thriving future.

Together, let us connect, collaborate, and build stronger communities that transform challenges into opportunities, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Creating a sustainable ecosystem ensures the continued growth and advancement of the community, promoting sustainability and longevity.

Newcomers bring fresh talent and enthusiasm, while experts provide mentorship and guidance, nurturing the next generation of professionals through collaborative projects, knowledge exchange, access to opportunities and amplifying your impact.

For more information, please contact:

Glorianne Montefrio



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