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World Fashion & Arts Business Forum 2023: Celebrating Fashion, Art, and Business Excellence

Dubai, UAE - September 15-17, 2023 - The World Fashion & Arts Business Forum (WFABF) under patronage Sheikh Majid Al Mualla concluded its three-day extravaganza, offering a unique confluence of fashion, art, and business insights. The event saw a stellar lineup of prominent personalities, designers, and business leaders.

Press Conference at Habtoor Palace Dubai.

The event kicked off with a press conference at Habtoor Palace Dubai, featuring distinguished speakers:

• Mr. Muhammad Hamad, Royal Family Advisor & Head of Business, Sheikh Majid Al Mualla Group of Companies.

• Lana Verina, Founder of World Fashion Week Dubai.

• Leena Bansal, Fashion Business Consultant, Mentor & Growth Strategist.

• Fakhri Tarabien, Renowned Jewelry Designer.

• Ferhat Polat, International Singer.

The press conference was hosted by Annette Solana, Brand Ambassador of WFABF, who skillfully guided discussions on the interplay between fashion and business.

Investors Community Networking at FT NFT Gallery, Dubai Mall with the chief guest Sheikh Majid Al Mualla

Following the press conference, the WFABF hosted an exclusive Investors Community Networking event at FT NFT Gallery, Dubai Mall. This unique gathering facilitated connections between the worlds of business and fashion, offering opportunities for investors, designers, and entrepreneurs to collaborate and innovate.

World Fashion Designers Contest and Awards Ceremony at THE SPACE Events

The highlight of the WFABF was the World Fashion Designers Contest and Awards ceremony, held at THE SPACE Events and Sports. This segment featured a remarkable array of talented designers:

• Angelo Estera Couture (UAE)

• L’ART DU KAFTAN (Morocco)

• Polina Tropillo (Russia)

• Wedding World (Ukraine)

• The Star Life (Hyderabad, India)

• Gven Style (Russia)

• Pamela Quinzi (USA)

• Raskokoshno (Russia)

• Glamora Chic Collection (UAE)

• Landalba (Mexico)

The awards ceremony recognized excellence in various categories, including Leadership & Business, Community Services, Women Empowerment, and more. The honorary awards were presented by esteemed guests and dignitaries, including Sheikh Madjid Rashid Al Mualla, who received the HONORARY AWARD for Leadership & Business Recognition of Community Services, and HH Sheikha Noura Al Khalifa, who was honored with the HONORARY AWARD for Contribution to Women Empowerment. They personally honored the nominees.

Special Networking Yacht Event

The third day of the event continued with a unique networking experience on a yacht. Special guests and designers had the opportunity to connect and relax in an extraordinary setting, further enhancing the spirit of collaboration.


The WFABF 2023 successfully celebrated the fusion of fashion, art, and business, promoting women empowerment and fostering connections across industries. This event was made possible through the dedicated efforts of its organizers, the support of Sheikh Majid Al Mualla Group of Companies and the generous support of its sponsors:

• Title Sponsor: Danube Real Estate

• Diamond Sponsor: Sam & Brosko - We Speak Diamond

• Best Business Group Company: Alina Bogolibova (CEO)

• Luxury Car Sponsor: Faster

• Security Partner: AN Security

• Makeup Partner: Manni Arora Mahajan

• Cosmetics Prize Sponsor: Ritabeauty Cosmetics

• Venue Partner: Al Habtoor Palace Dubai


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