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What is the safest city chosen by world travelers?... Taipei, Taiwan

As countries around the world relax COVID-19 quarantine measures, the number of international travelers is increasing significantly, and Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is recognized as the safest city for travelers. When health and geopolitical insecurity factors are all taken into account, large cities in the Middle East, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), ranked highly.

According to CNBC on the 23rd (local time), a survey of travelers conducted by British insurance company William Russell found that Taipei in Taiwan is the safest city in the world for international travelers. It was followed by Tokyo, Japan, Prague, Czech Republic, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Singapore. The least safe city was Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The survey was based on crime rates that travelers could perceive. Asia and Europe have a strong perception among travelers around the world as having relatively good security and low crime rates.

The safest countries to migrate are the Nordic countries. In William Russell's "Safe Countries to Choose When Moving Abroad in 2023" ranking released late last year, Iceland ranked first, and New Zealand came in second.

But when geopolitical conflict factors and health issues were taken into account, Middle Eastern metropolises scored highly. In December last year, market research firm Euromonitor International ranked first in the 'Top 100 Urban Destinations Index 2022 for Health and Safety' and was named Sharjah in the UAE. Other Middle Eastern cities were also on the list: Dubai, UAE, in second place, Doha, Qatar, in third, Abu Dhabi, UAE, in fourth place, and Singapore in fifth.

"Amid increasing digitalization, technological advancements and sustainable development, it shows the top cities for business activity, based on investment potential and tourism infrastructure," Euromonitor said in its report.

On the other hand, considering crime rates and the business environment, the Nordic countries ranked as the countries with the least security risk. According to a tally by International SOS, a global healthcare and security company, Norway ranked first, Finland ranked second, Switzerland ranked third, Denmark ranked fourth, and Iceland ranked fifth.

In contrast, the country with the highest security risk was Afghanistan. Subsequently, Syria, Ukraine, Mali, Iraq, and other areas currently at war or where local conflicts have persisted were assessed as risk areas. [AsiaKyungJae]


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