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UAE_Abu Dhabi Opens Tourism Organization in South Korea

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), announced on the 6th that it recently established the Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau, an organization equivalent to the Tourism Authority, in Korea and began full-fledged activities. In the case of the UAE, Dubai has opened a tourism agency several years ago, but this is the first time that Abu Dhabi, the largest of the seven soil countries, has opened a tourism-related organization in Korea.

Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau plans to provide exceptional support by preparing the Advantage Abu Dhabi Program, especially for MICE tourists. It will also promote Abu Dhabi as the best place for MICE tourism by putting up attractions such as Louvre Abu Dhabi and Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

Louvre Abu Dhabi is famous for the design of the building by French architect Jean Nouvel, and the Yoon Suk Yeoln presidential couple, who recently visited the UAE.

An official from Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau said, "We will start with MICE tourism and gradually expand the scope to individual tourism," adding, "We will do our best to help Korean tourists enjoy the charm of traveling to the Middle East." [Yonhap News]


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