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UAE to remove resident visa stamp on passport

When renewing or issuing a UAE resident visa, the visa stamp on the passport will be removed. The UAE government reported on the 22nd that visas are directly linked to personal Emirates IDs, so there is no need to show the visa stamp separately. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) announced in May last year that it would integrate two separate applications. Applications include issuing Emirates IDs and renewing visas for UAE residents. The move is part of the ICP's efforts to integrate residence and ID applications without going through separate procedures.

The ICP also announced with changes that there will be an integrated form for services regarding requests for issuance or renewal of UAE resident visas and Emirates IDs.

The newspaper explained that airlines can also check whether an individual resides in the UAE using only the Emirates ID and passport number. Airline may use passport readers for verification.

Before the government's announcement eliminated the residential visa stamp, everyone for a new resident visa or visa renewal had to submit a passport to receive the visa stamp.

The government has now mentioned that the Emirates ID can be viewed digitally using the official ICP website or the UAE ICP smart app.

The next-generation Emirates ID card issued to UAE residents includes all the same details as the residence sticker. This includes personal and occupational data, readable and unreadable data on the card, and details of the issuer. [GulfKoreanTimes]


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