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To Space, to Space... Attack on UAE

There has been news that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is sending astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).

Details are not yet known, but the astronaut will be on a long-term mission in space. If successful, the UAE will become the 11th country in the world to send astronauts to space for long-term missions.

Procedures and preparations for UAE astronauts to the ISS in the first half of next year are already in progress. It plans to go into space through the American space exploration company SpaceX, which is run by Elon Musk.

The UAE is the place where the first astronaut was born in 2019 when Colonel Haja Al-Mansuri, a former air force pilot, was sent to the ISS to stay for eight days. That was just 3 years ago.

Another rapid move seen by the UAE. The UAE is currently one of the world's most active space exploration destinations. It is 'serious' about space exploration.

Even for us, who are evaluated to have rapidly raised our space development capabilities, it is quite quick. It is easy to overlook, but starting with the launch of the Wooribyeol No. 1 satellite in 1992, in less than 30 years, Korea implemented a 75-ton large projectile engine and even fired a real projectile. The UAE's achievements are remarkable even though it is second to none in terms of 'quickly' development.

The history of the UAE space sector is extremely short. The establishment of the Dubai Space Center (MBRSC) in 2006 and the development of artificial satellites 'DubaiSat' 1 and 2 in 2009 and 2013 is a full-fledged start. In 2018, they built Khalifasat, but suddenly they skipped a few steps and turned to Mars. There was news that the UAE Mars rover 'Amal', which literally means hope, has entered Mars orbit. This was done last year, the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UAE. It is the first in the Arab world and the fifth in the world after the United States, the former Soviet Union, the European Space Agency (ESA), and India. Although the American researchers helped, it is difficult to underestimate its value.

This has great implications for Korea. In the past, the UAE was a country that received help from Korea. Our company, Setrec I, was in charge of the development of Dubaisat 1 and 2. Khalifasat was also developed with the help of Setrec Eye. Quite a few first-generation leaders in the UAE space field went through their study abroad life at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). is a feeling of exasperation. If you think about the past, you can see how great the UAE's will and effort for space are. Full support and fearless challenge made this happen. worthy of imitation

The UAE challenge will continue in the future. It plans to send a rover 'Rashid' to the moon after August and land it. There is also a plan to explore asteroids in 2033. It is a grand plan to explore a total of seven asteroids and land directly at the end.

Our ultimate goal is to be on Mars. In 2117, he made a grand plan to build a habitable city on Mars, and is preparing for it.


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