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The Twentiez Network Collab with Tenet Media, & 5G Project, Unveiling New Challenges & Opportunities

Dubai, UAE - May 20, 2023 - The Twentiez Network, in collaboration with Tenet-Media and 5G Project, is proud to announce its official launch. This platform is dedicated to investing in the youth, our most valuable resource, by nurturing their character, creating a supportive environment, and maximizing their participation in driving positive change.


The role of young people in addressing climate action and achieving sustainability is paramount, especially as we embark on our journey to Cop28UAE. The passion, innovation, and determination of youth serve as powerful catalysts for change. By amplifying their voices and supporting their initiatives, we can prioritize the needs of the planet and its inhabitants, working together towards a resilient and sustainable world for all.


The Twentiez Network launch kicked off with a candid Mentor-mentee chat and the importance of leadership further involving over 20 guided sessions held at Luqa Café in Dubai. These sessions provided valuable insights and advice on topics ranging from health, home, family, sustainability, to AI. The focus was not just on the topics but also on the process of driving initiatives, investing in youth, and building a knowledge-based ecosystem for a sustainable future. The program attracted over 60 attendees, with Mohammed Mukhtar Jahangeer leading the startups/launch program. Mohammed Mukhtar Jahangeer - 

who will lead the The Group of Twenty (G20) /Expand North Star -Gitex event with tech leaders, venture capitalists, unicorns, scale-ups, start-ups, and key stakeholders in the tech ecosystem.

Glorianne Montefrio, 5G Project Founder and CEO, Onlyne Reputation Partner, Mel Strategies PR, Advisor of the Twentiez Network, emphasized the importance of leadership and the formation of meaningful relationships through networking. Staying humble, consistent with goals, and expressing gratitude to those who contribute to achieving dreams were identified as essential aspects of personal and professional growth.

Priti Mayank Patel, Founder and CEO of Tenet-Media, an integral founding member and mentor of the The Twentiez Network emphasised the significance of collaborative efforts and connecting with one's roots. She recommended the mentee panelists to build a robust character and nurture cultural values as a differentiator and focus of finding oneself. She advocated the young entrepreneurs to invest in themselves and sharpen their professional skills which would need them to work out of their comfort zone.

 Mohammed Saieed, Entrepreneur and Founder of Potensia Systems/Media, who has a deep appreciation for ambitious youth, dedicated time to listen, train, and prepare them for the labor market.

Gustavo Giller highlighted the science of Inpower Global on human ecology, which examines the relationship between humans and their environment, whether in nature, the workplace, family life, or our connection to ourselves. This approach fosters a real balance in the workplace, enabling companies to develop sustainable growth and culture.


Dr. Heike Lieb-Wilson encouraged attendees to learn from experiences, refine their skills, and embrace risks. By effectively preparing and presenting proposals, doors can be opened, opportunities can arise, and dreams can become a reality.


Rachel A. Aron, Managing Director & Social Development and ESG Advisor, Tugo Cwiny Management Consulting spoke about what sustainability is and the opportunities it presented. She encouraged the young entrepreneurs to invest in building their networks early on at the academic, professional, and personal levels. She urged them to identify industry professionals who could provide them with practical information and make time to actually mentor them. She challenged them to attend events that go beyond their industry of interest to expand their overall knowledge and contacts. She highlighted the importance of seeking support and knowledge from the group of seasoned mentors, such as those present in the panel, as the young entrepreneurs could benefit from insights and lessons learnt from those who have already had certain experiences when they were in their 20s

 The sessions were attended and led by young successful individuals from various fields, including sales, marketing, trading, media, and PR. These individuals are potential partners of the Twentiez Network, demonstrating the platform's reach and relevance.

As mentors, Priti Mayank Patel and Glorianne Montefrio commented, “We are proud to have mentored Saloni Hariyani, the face of 20s networking, in conceptualizing and leading the cause. Our role has been to provide guidance and support to help Saloni navigate the challenges and opportunities of running the program successfully”.

Saloni along with the youth ambassadors Navya Rajiv and Sanjana Sundararaman and Vlanche Cambaya have been instrumental in running the program and have demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership skills. The commitment and passion of these young girls are an inspiration to all young leaders in The Twentiez Network.


About The Twentiez Network:

The Twentiez Network is an innovative platform designed to connect like-minded individuals and foster a culture of collaboration and support. It caters to both #mentees in their 20s and expert #mentors, as well as other progressive-minded individuals on a global scale. Through interactions with professional influencers, participants gain insights and tips on how to succeed in today's rapidly changing business world. The platform aims to help young professionals in their 20s, entrepreneurs in their communities, and industry professionals serving the importance of sustainability and urged young entrepreneurs to invest in building networks early on, seeking guidance from industry professionals, and attending events outside their industry of interest for broader knowledge and contacts. The insights and lessons learned from seasoned mentors present at the panel were highlighted as valuable resources for young entrepreneurs.


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