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Tech Visionary Adrian Li Mow Ching Receives Award at UAE's Next Mastermind Awards 2023 in Dubai

Dubai, UAE – June 26, 2023 – Adrian Li Mow Ching, the mastermind behind Fx Technology, a London, UK global player in the tech and smartphone industries was a VIP award winner at the highly anticipated UAE's Next Mastermind Awards 2023. This prestigious event took place in the vibrant city of Dubai on Saturday, June 24th, honoring exceptional business individuals, authors and coaches alike.

Adrian Li Mow Ching, a forward-thinking entrepreneur, seasoned investor, and accomplished CEO, has an exceptional track record that spans over 15 years in management consulting and telecoms. Throughout his illustrious career, he has taken on prominent roles in top-tier companies within each industry, earning him a reputation as a leader in his field.

Under Adrian's leadership and resolute partnership with his co-founder Liangchen Chen, Fx Technology has emerged as a formidable force, propelling the company from a humble startup just four years ago to become a global player. Fx Technology, known for its distinct F(x)tec Pro1 keyboard smartphone, has astounded the market with several brand launches from IOT gateways, Web3 devices and revolutionary accessory products.

Adrian's unwavering passion for technology, business, and unyielding pursuit of growth through fresh innovation has catapulted Fx Technology into the forefront of tech and smartphone innovations. His vision is simple - empower lives through practical innovation, infusing every product with the potential to shape the future. With a remarkable roadmap ahead, Fx Technology is preparing to unleash its next groundbreaking product: a smartphone with enhanced support for decentralized wireless and deeply integrated Web3 & blockchain security, captivating the imagination and signaling an exciting future of industry-disrupting innovations.

Fx Technology’s ingenious products and insights have caught the attention of prestigious media outlets internationally such as the BBC, Forbes, and Reuters. Their ability to anticipate market needs and challenge the status quo has positioned them as a go-to-partner within the industry.

Locally, he was also interviewed by Owen SP Sanchez of YallaTV Network Dubai and Shagufta Patel of Aspire Magazine and is expected to be featured in the July Edition of Dubai Vibes Magazine - “The Expat Story”.

Beyond his role as CEO, Adrian is a fervent supporter of entrepreneurial spirit, consistently mentoring startups and sharing his wealth of experience. His dynamic and visionary approach to business continues to have a profound impact on the tech landscape, inspiring countless aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators.

The UAE's Next Mastermind Awards 2023 recognized Adrian Li Mow Ching's outstanding contributions and visionary leadership in the tech industry. His presence at this exclusive event ignited the imagination of participants and fellow awardees.


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