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Tashkeel: Q&A with Sophiya Khwaja

1- How long have you been preparing for this solo exhibition?

I was in the Critical practice programme for 1.5 years. The works

themselves took around a year to create with 6 months spent on


2- Where do you get the subject matter or inspiration for your works?

Watching people interact with each other and being interacted with

myself is a huge source of inspiration for me. I often wonder about the

feelings that a certain kind of interaction leaves me with after it is

over and I start delving deeper into why that particular feeling arose

out of that specific interaction and so forth.

3- How did your relationship with Tashkeel begin?

I think pretty much everyone in the region knows about Tashkeel, it's

such a powerhouse of creativity! I actually had been a Tashkeel member

for a short while when I first relocated to Dubai.

4- I think you will be proud of yourself that you can find your works in famous places such as Risd Museum, UNESCO, Yale University etc. I am curious about your future plans in UAE for your work?

My biggest (and hardest!) plan is to simply keep my head down and keep

working out of my studio. Things will happen the way they are meant to

as long as one is consistently dedicated to one's practice.


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