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Tanween Design Pieces by Tashkeel Highlight Sustainability Themes at COP28

Range of Thought-Provoking Works Helped Drive Conversations about the Role of Design in Combating Climate Change

Dubai, UAE – 15 December 2023: Tashkeel – a leading proponent of creativity and innovation – showcased a series of thought-provoking works by leading UAE-based designers at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, which ran until December 12, 2023.


The designs are all part of the Tanween Collection, a range made by emerging UAE designers that Tashkeel supports during a nine-month concept-to-completion design development programme.


Doroob (Coffee table + dining table): by Mohamed Elnaggar & Maryam Elattar

Doroob reflected the potential of the circular economy. The multifunctional design is inspired by the meaning of ‘Doroob,’ an Arabic term describing the various ways to reach a destination. The materials used are reclaimed from construction and infrastructure projects in addition to fired clay reclaimed from pottery studios across the UAE.


“The piece gives the slightest nod to the brutalist facades so prevalent in the architecture of the UAE of the 1970’s and 1980’s that endures to this day across the country’s urban landscapes. Our aim was to nudge people’s consciousness of the journey of materials and trigger a conversation around production processes, as our contribution to the sustainability movement,” said artist Maryam Elattar.


Alchemy Series (Dining table): by Chinara Darwish

The Alchemy Series is made from 100 percent locally sourced marine industry and construction LDPE (low density polyethylene) waste sourced from redundant materials. Designed with sustainability as a core driving force, the eight-seater dining table is a bespoke piece.


“The common perception of plastic is that it is very cheap, unsustainable and has a short lifecycle. However, these problems are not inherent in the material, rather it is how we use it. Plastic is incredibly versatile and heat resistant, so why not upcycle UAE’s plastic waste into new products with longer lifecycles? The mission behind my furniture is to give a second life to waste materials,” said artist Chinara Darwish.


Kaseeriya (bench + stool): by Ebrahim Assur

Kaseeriya is a bench and stool set made from HDF, plyboard and recycled cork and covered with Palmade bioplastics. Driven by sustainability and inspired by the UAE, the Kaseeriya bench embodies the essence of simplicity and elegance and signifies unity, strength and togetherness.


“My inspiration is derived from interacting with various surroundings, in a unique way. Each of my designs are created around a particular theme depending on what I am influenced by or what the design intent is for,” said artist Ebrahim Assur.


Yereed (bench): by Lina Ghalib

The arish bench-seat ‘Yereed,’ which debuted at Dubai Design Week 2020, cultivates and reclaims palm leaf branches that are shed seasonally in the UAE and turns this waste into a hardwood material structurally sound to create furniture.


The Liminal Series (table): by Hala Al Ani

The Liminal Series use salt formations to create a series of tables. The salt crystals are grown on metal structures to lend the material the necessary strength to be used as a table without controlling it.


Mokaعab (modular table/shelf): by Lana El Samman

Mokaعab is a modular table or shelf that takes cues from Sharjah’s rich cultural heritage by using the traditional weaving technique of dried palm fronds. The weaving technique of dried palm fronds (khoos) practiced by women has historically been used for wall and ceiling decorations, floor mats, handheld fans, food covers and baskets among other everyday objects.


Braided Series (sofa): by Latifa Saeed

The Braided Series Sofa is made from braided cushion tubes over a wooden frame, integrating a contemporary form with characteristic elements of traditional UAE craft practices. The labour-intensive process of weaving is a strong trait across Emirati crafts. The Braided Series pays homage by intertwining modern fabrics to upholster a range of contemporary furniture designs.


In addition to being displayed at key locations at COP28, several of these pieces were also on show at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Yas Island, which took place in November.


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