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Shakespeare's Will by Vern Theissen

This delightful play tells the story of Anne Hathaway’s imagined life with (but mostly without) her husband: world-famous playwright William Shakespeare. The talented duo from Little Britches bring to life an eclectic cast of characters, including Anne’s furious father and bitterly jealous sister-in-law.

The play has contemporary appeal for a 21st century audience, and features live, newly commissioned music.

Join us for a taste of some Renaissance mud, blood, and occasional stud in this hilarious, energetic and ultimately tragic tale of love, labour and loss.

Running time: 1 hour with no interval

Venue: The Junction, Dubai

Dates and times: 25th and 26th November 2022 at 7:30pm


Anne Hathaway Josie Campbell

Actor Musician Imogen Hope

Costume Design Susanna Hanl

Producer (Dubai) Catherine Broad/Kirin Hilliar

Voice Coach Daniel Gott

Cinematographer/Stills Photographer Aarti Trikannad


Gautam Goenka and the team at The Junction, Nadine Frew, Michael Oakes, and Jonathan Siklos

DDG is delighted to be partnering with UK theatre company Little Britches as we bring their international touring production of “Shakespeare’s Will” to Dubai. Josie Campbell is not only an exceptional acting and directing talent, but also one of our co-Chairs of DDG. And Imogen Hope brings her singular musical talents to the UAE for the first time. ‘Shakespeare’s Will’ is not a biographical account of William Shakespeare, or of his wife, Anne Hathaway (no, not the one in ‘The Princess Diaries’ or ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ - the original Anne Hathaway). Instead, the playwright Vern Theissen uses the moment of Anne reading her dead husband’s will post-funeral as an opportunity to speculate on the inner workings of the Shakespeare marriage - a partnership that was quite unorthodox at the time - to produce a fascinating insight into love, loyalty and life for women in Elizabethan England… with challenges still recognizable amongst modern women. DDG is always happy to facilitate trailblazing partnerships with internationally based professional artists as we continue to push local theatre offerings. If you know (or are a part of) any professional theatre companies looking to bring their talents to the UAE, please do reach out to us at As always, we sincerely thank the whole team at The Junction for giving this production a Dubai home. You’ll be seeing more of Josie as she directs our January 2023 production of ‘Bull’. We’re always keen to bring new faces and talents to the Dubai theatre fold, so whether you want to act, direct, choreograph, write, do stage design, whatever - we’d love to hear from you. And be sure to follow us on our website and all our socials.


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