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Prosecutor's office Seized and Searched, the National Police Agency, Seoul Metropolitan Government

The prosecutor's office, which is investigating the poor response to the "Itaewon Halloween disaster," seized and searched the National Police Agency, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and the Yongsan District Office on the 10th. Aside from supplementing the case handed over by the police, it is observed that the intensity of the investigation is high. It remains to be seen whether the prosecutor's investigation, which revisits the allegations of those responsible for the tragedy, will head to the "upper line" that the Special Investigation Division (Special Edition) of the National Police Agency has not touched.

On that day, the Seoul Western District Prosecutor sent prosecutors and investigators to 10 locations, including the National Police Agency, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Yongsan Police Station, Yongsan District Office, Itaewon Police Station, and Nambu Detention Center, to obtain data related to the tragedy.

This is the first-time the prosecutors have launched a seizure and search in connection with the tragedy. A prosecution official said, "We are conducting (the seizure and search) as part of the investigation into the repatriated case."

Earlier, the Special Edition detained and sent Lee Im-jae, former Yongsan Chief (General Police), Song Byung-ju, former Yongsan-seo 112 Situation Office Chief (Kyungjeong), Park Hee-young, Yongsan District Chief and Choi Won-joon, Yongsan District Safety and Disaster Division Chief. They are accused of failing to respond appropriately before and after the tragedy, causing casualties (professional manslaughter). Lee is also accused of making and exercising false official documents.

The special edition, which was launched in November last year, concluded that it was difficult to apply charges of professional manslaughter against Minister of Public Administration and Safety Lee Sang-min, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, and Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun. Police will conclude their investigation by detaining Seoul Police Commissioner Kim Kwang-ho and others before the Lunar New Year holiday.

It remains to be seen whether prosecutors will draw different conclusions from the police through an intense supplementary investigation. [KyungHangShinMoon]

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