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People's power, cut-off scale confirmed... 4 party representatives, 8 highest ranking members

On the 31st, the Party Election Commission, which manages the People’s Power 3/8 National Convention, decided to narrow down to 4 candidates for the party representative contest, 8 candidates for the supreme council, and 4 candidates for the youth supreme council, respectively, to prevent a crowd of candidates.

Ham In-gyeong, a member of the election management committee at the party convention, said in a briefing after the 6th National Election Commission meeting held at the central party building in Yeouido, Seoul, that the decision was made unanimously.

Regarding the decision to set the standard number of people for the party representative main race to be four, Commissioner Ham said, “Since there are not many (running) candidates, I thought five was a lot, and I decided on four based on my past history.”

The NEC will review the qualification standards for candidates for public office on the 5th after completing the candidate registration on the 2nd and 3rd of next month. Then, on the 8th and 9th, an opinion poll of 6,000 party members in charge will be conducted, and the finalists will be announced on the 10th.

For candidates who pass the cutoff, a joint speech and broadcast debate will be held from the 13th of next month. The election campaign period is from February 5th to March 8th, and the cut-off, like this primary, is elected by 100% of the party members without public opinion polls.

So far, the figures who have expressed their intention to challenge the party leadership are Kim Ki-hyun, Ahn Cheol-soo, Yoon Sang-hyun, Cho Gyeong-tae (in alphabetical order), Hwang Kyo-ahn, former representative of the United Future Party (currently People's Power), and attorney Kang Shin-eop, former chairman of 'Keonhee Sarang', the president of Mrs. Kim Gun-hee's fan club. 6 is the name.

The people who cast their votes in the supreme council election are Park Seong-joong, Lee Man-hee, Jung Mi-kyung, Tae Young-ho, Huh Eun-ah, and former supreme council member Kim Yong-tae. Ye-chan Jang, the chairman of the Youth Foundation, Ji Seong-ho, a lawmaker, and lawyer Kim Young-ho were nominated for the election of the youth supreme council.

Meanwhile, on the previous day (30th), the National Election Commission sent an official notice in the name of the election commissioner to members of the National Assembly and the chairman of the National Assembly. According to Article 34 of the Party Representative and Supreme Council Member Election Regulations, members of the National Assembly and the chairman of the party association, who are not candidates, are those who are not eligible for election campaigns. [Maeil Economy]

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