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Party leader suitability of supporters, Kim Ki-hyun 40.3%... Na Kyungwon 25.3% [Realmeter]

People's power in a survey of party leader candidate suitability among supporters, it was found on the 19th that Assemblyman Kim Ki-hyun was leading with 40.3 percent. Congressman Kim's approval rating increased by 7.8 percentage points compared to the survey released five days ago, showing a gap of 15 percentage points with former lawmaker Na Kyung-won (25.3 percent).

According to a survey of 1,202 men and women aged 18 or older nationwide conducted by Realmeter at the request of the Media Tribune from the 16th to the 17th, 40.3% of 520 people who supported the power of the people said it was best for Rep. Kim to be elected as the next party leader.

Next came former lawmaker Na (25.3%), lawmaker Ahn Chul-soo (17.3%), former lawmaker Seung-min Yoo (8.1%), and lawmaker Sang-hyun Yoon (3.1%). Others were 1.6%, and 4.3% answered 'I don't know'.

In a Realmeter survey released earlier on the 14th, Rep. Kim beat Na for the first time to rank first in the party's supporters. At that time, Rep. Kim was 32.5% and former Rep. Na was 26.9%. However, the gap between the two candidates' approval ratings was within the margin of error in the poll (sample error 95% confidence level ±2.8%p<sample error 95% confidence level ±4.3%p> of the people's power supporters).

In the survey, Kim also had the highest chance of winning the election as party leader (44.4 percent). This was followed by former lawmaker Na with 26.9 percent, Assemblyman An with 12.1 percent, and former lawmaker Yu with 7.1 percent.

When the survey was narrowed down to "active supporters of President Yoon Seok-yeol," Congressman Kim recorded a higher figure. 54.8 percent of the respondents who said that President Yoon is "very good" at running state affairs supported Congressman Kim. In the same category, former lawmaker Na scored 23.8 percent and Assemblyman Ahn scored 12.2 percent, more than doubling the gap between Congressman Kim and former Congressman Na.

It is analyzed that the gap between Congressman Kim and former lawmaker Na has widened further, as former lawmaker Na appeared to be in conflict with the president's office and Chin Yun, which negatively affected the ruling party's support base. Over the weekend, former lawmaker Na argued with the core of the pro-Yoon system using expressions such as "the second Jin-bak (real pro-bak) discriminator," and on the 17th, he was publicly attacked by the president's office, saying, "The decision to dismiss former lawmaker Na is based on the president's accurate understanding of the facts."

In addition, support for political parties was 43.7 percent for the Democratic Party, 41.9 percent for the People's Power, and 3.0 percent for the Justice Party. President Yoon's performance in state affairs was rated by 40.4 percent positive (25.2 percent very good and 15.2 percent very good) and 56.6 percent negative (47.9 percent very wrong and 8.7 percent wrong).

The overall respondent sampling error for this survey is ±2.8 percentage points at the 95% confidence level (the sampling error for the people's power support is ±4.3 percentage points). The survey was conducted by wireless (97%) and wired (3%) It was conducted using random dialing (RDD) automated answering (ARS) method, and the response rate was 3.2%. For details, visit the Central Election Poll Review Commission website. [Newsis]

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