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"One-quarter of Iraq's population is below the poverty line" Announced by the government

The poverty rate in Iraq has reached 25% in 2022, the Iraqi's government's planning department announced on the 6th (local time).

According to Iraq's state-run INA news agency, Iraqi Planning Minister Abdul-Zahara Al-Hindawi told the associated Press that day: "There are several reasons for this high poverty rate. This includes the economic downturn caused by the covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 and the economic crisis caused by the deadline in international oil prices."

As a result, the Iraqi government has come up with several measures to support the vulnerable and poor, he said.

These include raising wages for those eligible for social welfare pensions and improving the rationing card system that provides basic food to Iraq's poorest families.

The security situation in Iraq has improved comparatively since the Islamic State declared victory in the war against the Islamic State group in 2017.

However, challenges remain - political and security problems, economic instability, social unrest due to high unemployment, lack of public services, and chronic decline in living standards. [Newsis]

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