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Ms. Shabnam Kassam, Director for Danube Welfare Center and Founder of Alish Apparel

Ms. Shabnam Kassam, Director for Danube Welfare Center and Founder of Alish Apparel, an extraordinary individual who is remarkably creative and deeply committed to social cause was a VIP award winner at the highly regarded Mrs. Lady of the Year Middle East 2023.

This prestigious event took place in the stimulating city of Dubai on Saturday, July 8th 2023, honoring exceptional Womenpreneur, business individuals, and influential dignitaries.

Shabnam Kassam, who actively contributes to both the realms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the World of Fashion. With her passion for social impact and her creative expertise, she has made significant strides in bridging the gap between the fashion industry and philanthropic deeds.

In the domain of CSR, Ms. Shabnam Kassam has dedicated her efforts to addressing various social and environmental issues. She recognizes the power of businesses to drive positive change and has worked tirelessly to integrate sustainability and ethical practices within the CSR sector. At Danube Welfare Center, the Free Training Courses are provided to help unskilled labours improve their language skills and further develop their careers. The initiative entails Basic English Program that promote workers to interact confidently. DWC is also actively enmeshed in Dubai Jail inmates so that they are given hope and not deprived of any opportunity, a chance to realized their worth, and being able to contribute to our society as well as to bring about a positive transformation in the lives of many workers in Dubai.

With this self-effacing advocacy the parturition of ALISH APPARELS came into depiction.

Alish Apparel is a “FASHION with a CAUSE”, it showcases clothing lines tailored by women inmates in Dubai Jail.

Simultaneously, Ms. Shabnam Kassam has successfully merged her passion for fashion with her commitment and pledge to uplift and hoist social responsibility.

With her unique blend of expertise in CSR and fashion ferocity, Ms. Shabnam Kassam has become a prominent figure in the crossroads of these two purviews. Her dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to making a difference have earned her recognition as a thought leader and influencer in these turfs. Shabnam Kassam has founded Alish Apparel with a cause. It is a project led by the women, for the women, as resolute overture for jail inmates inside Dubai Central Prison, for them to be trained in tailoring and fashion design. With the modest and genuine vision of the Founder, Alish Apparel is now an indisputable, affordable luxury brand.

Ms. Shabnam Kassam's contributions exemplify the transformative power of passion and expertise in creating a lasting impact on society. Her visionary thinking and commitment makes her a true trailblazer, she is indeed INSPIRING!


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