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Little Neighbours Captures the Beauty of UAE's Desert Ecosystem

A Solo Exhibition for the Documentary Photography by Emirati Artist Khalid Alastad

100+ works on display at Tashkeel’s new location in Alserkal Avenue from September 28 – October 15, 2023

Dubai, UAE – 02 October 2023 – In a new location at FN Designs, Alserkal Avenue, Tashkeel is hosting a solo show of documentary photography by UAE national artist Khalid Alastad, Little Neighbours.

Recognised in region’s photography circles for his passion, patience, and dedication to the documentation of the UAE’s desert ecosystem, Alastad is showcasing a remarkable curation of more than 100 documentary photographs that seamlessly marries the precision of scientific documentation with the artistry of a seasoned photographer.

“For Khalid Alastad, photography is not a vocation; it’s a profound passion and a familial tradition. Hailing from a lineage of creatives, with his father, Mohammed Alastad, celebrated as a pioneer artist known for his remarkable paintings and installations in the UAE, Khalid carries the torch forward through his lens. His work is a testament to his love and respect for the UAE, to be able to have the patience and hone his skill in documentary photography that sets him apart and highlights him in the scene of regional nature representation,” said Lisa Ball-Lechgar, deputy director of Tashkeel.

Little Neighbours includes a detailed range of Alastad’s UAE-based wildlife photography, with a particular focus on insects, birds, reptiles, and arachnids inhabiting the country’s delicate desert ecosystem. Beyond the detailed visuals, Alastad’s work serves as invaluable documentation that can be used as a resource to be studied further, offering an unprecedented insight into the lives and behaviours of these often-overlooked creatures.

“What differentiates Khalid as an artist is his unwavering commitment to conservation, respect for nature, and the patience he brings to his craft. He understands the importance of leaving no trace behind, ensuring that his presence does not disturb the very subjects he seeks to document. It’s not just a duty to his country; it’s a labour of love,” Ball-Lechgar continued.

“In an ever-changing landscape, Khalid’s work becomes a visual time capsule, preserving the fragile beauty of the desert and its inhabitants. His images are a reminder of the vital role we all play in the conservation of our environment and the importance of respecting the delicate balance of nature,” she added.

Little Neighbours will open on 28 September 2023 during Alserkal Lates and continues until October 15 at FN Designs, Alserkal Avenue. For more information about Khalid Alastad and his photography, please visit


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