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Lee Sang-min's impeachment proposal, "There are many criticisms that violates the Constitution law"

The president's office did not make a separate official position on the 6th when the three opposition parties, including the Democratic Party of Korea, jointly proposed an impeachment motion against Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee Sang-min, saying they would hold him responsible for the poor response to the "Itaewon disaster."

A key official of the presidential office met with reporters and said, "It is not appropriate to make a position in the presidential office because related procedures are underway in the National Assembly and many procedures remain."

"There are various procedures such as the Legislation and Judiciary Committee and the plenary session, and there are many opinions within the Democratic Party on this issue," the official said. "I don't think it's desirable to hastily talk about the president's position now."

It seems cautious in making an official position under the perception that there is no need to respond immediately as procedures such as the National Assembly's vote remain.

The impeachment bill was reported to the plenary session of the National Assembly later in the day, and according to the National Assembly Act, a vote must be made within 72 hours after 24 hours from the report. The Democratic Party of Korea plans to vote on the impeachment bill at the plenary session scheduled for the interpellation of the government on the 8th.

Instead, the president's office expressed critical perception of the impeachment bill through the form of conveying the opinions of legal experts.

A key official said, "In general, the impeachment of a Cabinet member is done when there is a serious violation of the Constitution and laws, and many legal experts point out what constitution and laws Minister Lee violated."

"I understand that this can be a very painful precedent and a bad precedent in the constitutional history," he said. "The presidential office will not oppose what many constitutional experts say."

In fact, it is interpreted that the presidential office's position is that "Minister Lee has never violated the Constitution and laws, and the impeachment proposal could set a bad precedent in the constitutional history."

If Minister Lee's impeachment bill is approved with the approval of a majority of lawmakers registered in the National Assembly, it will be the first case of impeachment of a Cabinet member in constitutional history.

It is in line with the ruling party's claim that it does not meet the impeachment requirements, and it is recognized inside and outside the presidential office that the Democratic Party's push for impeachment again following the dismissal proposal is based on political intent.

They say that the purpose is to reignite the issue of "impeachment of Lee Sang-min" to criticize President Yoon politically and water down the controversy over Lee Jae-myung's "judicial risks."

In a telephone interview with Yonhap News Agency, another presidential office official criticized it as "an act that severely undermines the stability of state affairs."

The presidential office is reportedly discussing ways to prepare for a vacuum in state affairs in case the impeachment bill is passed by the opposition party alone. [Yonhap News]

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