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Lee Jae-myung, in the additional summons "insulting... I will come as a loser in the election"

On the 30th, Lee Jae-myung, the representative of the Democratic Party, said in response to the prosecution's request for an additional subpoena investigation related to the alleged corruption in the development of Wirye and Daejang-dong, "It is humiliating and unfair, but I will go again because I am asked to come as a loser (in the presidential election)." Representative Lee asked for a press conference at the National Assembly this morning and said, "It's really not right, but in the end, I think I'm paying the price because I lost the presidential election because I was lacking."

Representative Lee said, "I was defeated in the election due to my shortcomings, and due to that defeat, each field of society regressed, and the pain suffered by the people was too great." Even if they are beaten and trampled on, will they compare to the suffering of our people?” He added, "I will go again because I so earnestly want to summon me again."

While revealing that he would respond to additional subpoenas by the prosecution, he emphasized the claim that the summons request was strongly in the nature of political retaliation following the defeat in the presidential election.

It is interpreted that the prosecution has started a fight for justification, considering the possibility of a trial after prosecution and a request for an arrest warrant in the future.

Regarding the date of attendance, CEO Lee said, "It's not a big deal if the investigation doesn't happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, so I'll discuss the schedule with the lawyer." To the party's lawmakers and supporters, he said, "I will go with a lawyer," and asked, "Never come, no matter how painful it is, because it may become a subject of conflict and division." Regarding the situation of the first investigation conducted on the 28th, CEO Lee said, "I have already written a report of 199 pages, but after the evening, I asked again and asked again, and there was a phenomenon that the speed of questions was very slow." "Looking at the fact that I was not informed of the amount of newspaper remaining or the time required, it is judged that I deliberately took the time to create a justification for an additional summons, even though I was able to complete it sufficiently," he said.

Regarding the possibility that the motion for arrest will be passed to the National Assembly following the prosecution's request for an arrest warrant in the future, Representative Lee said, "There is no clear evidence of the charges, there is no running away, the residence is not unclean, and there is no need to destroy evidence." “I don’t understand why he is subject to arrest because he is in this state,” he said, “is it because he is the representative of the opposition party?” [yonhap news]

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