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Lee Jae-myung, attendance D-4

Lee Jae-myung, the head of the Democratic Party, focused on preparing a response strategy in preparation for the prosecution's appearance, refraining from the public schedule on the 24th, four days before the prosecution's attendance due to the suspicion of 'Daejang-dong and Wirye New City development'.

According to the MDP, Lee did not schedule a public release during the four-day Lunar New Year holiday and focused on responding to the prosecutor's summons investigation.

Earlier, prosecutors notified Lee of a two-day summons as a suspect on charges of breach of trust and anti-corruption law. This is the second time that prosecutors have notified Lee of the summons, following the Seongnam FC sponsorship allegations.

However, unlike when he appeared before the prosecutor's office on 10 March in connection with the Seongnam FC donation case, which was accompanied by more than 40 members of the leadership and other affiliated lawmakers, this time he expressed his willingness to "attend alone."

After visiting Mangwon Market in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 18th, Lee said with his willingness to attend on the 28th, "Our party members will have a lot of affection and interest, but I hope they will stick to party affairs and state affairs at that time. "I will go with a lawyer and confront him proudly," he said.

"We will not be able to send a message as long as our attendance on the 10th, but Lee will send a message himself even if it is short," a representative Lee official said on the phone. "We will ask for your understanding to refrain from accompanying lawmakers."

Representative Lee plans to listen to the opinions of the party, including the prosecution's summons and related response strategies, through a luncheon and meeting with the party's first-term hard-line group, "Dohoehoe."

However, it seems that CEO Lee will continue the two-track response by continuing the 'people's livelihood' keynote that he has been emphasizing since his inauguration.

In fact, CEO Lee plans to visit Jeonbuk for two days and one night from the 26th, right after the Lunar New Year holiday, to visit the people's livelihood site, visit the people's briefing session, and hold the highest ranking on site.

CEO Lee said on the 18th, "I have to work during the week in a situation where there are countless pending issues, so I will attend on Saturday the 28th, not the 27th."

In line with Lee's actions, the Democratic Party is resisting the prosecution's investigation, calling it "opposition suppression."

Democratic Party spokesperson Park Seong-joon appeared on the radio that day and said, "In the end, the prosecution is investigating to suppress Lee and the opposition party and eliminate political opponents." "he said. [News1]

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