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K-Travel Week In UAE

□ Korea Tourism Night

- Date: Thursday, 4th May 2023

- Venue: Address Sky View Hotel, Dubai

- Size of the event (approximately 200 people): Officials from both countries' governments (local governments), travel agencies, venture companies, medical institutions, K-Travel junior leaders, Korean public agencies and companies based in UAE

- Program

Overview of the Venue

- Details of Main Program

1. Travel Mart

- B2B Meeting which is participating approximately 200 companies/local governments of KOREA/UAE.

- Travel agencies/Medical Wellness/Tourism Venture/Local governments Separated meeting zone will be operated *28 institutions including Korean travel agencies,

medical institutions, venture companies, local governments, and airlines will participate.

2. Appointment and Launching Ceremony

- Appointment ceremony for 2023 *PTS (15 members)

- Launching Ceremony for K-Travel Junior Leaders (20 members, University students of UAE)

* PTS (Private Tour Seller): A consultant who has the ability to develop and sell premium products for visiting Korea among local travel agencies, which Dubai branch office had selected and fostered such consultants since 2022.

3. Korean Tourism Presentations by Themes

- Themes : K-Medical Wellness/Tourism Venture/Tourism Hub Cities

* 10 mins of presentation and Q&A session per team

- Stage Programs

□ K-Culture Street & Square

- Date: Friday, 5th May to Saturday, 6th May 2023

- Venue: Dubai Festival City Mall

- Cooperative organizations: (Korean Cultural Center) K-Hanbok experience zone, (aT Center)K-Food experience zone, (KOCCA)K-Video (movie, animation) screening, (Korean Air) Providing flight tickets and souvenirs, (Sejong Hakdang)Hangul calligraphy goods event

- Overview of the K-Culture Street programs

- Overview of the K-Culture Square programs

○ Hallyu Contents Promotion Zone

- K-POP life-size cutout (BTS) photozone

- Making photo zone and video zone using K-Drama such as ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, ‘Descendants of the Sun’, ‘Reborn Rich'

- K-Movie and Animation Zone: ‘Parasite’, ‘Little Forest’, ‘Pororo’

○ K-Cinema Day (Cooperation with KOCCA)

- Korean animation screening event for families through online pre-promotion (Larva, Pororo, etc.)

- Screening ‘Little Forrest’, a representative Korean food film considering local food culture

○ K-Food Experience Zone (Cooperation with aT Center)

- Experience of making gimbap by obtaining ingredients through Quiz event

- Kimchi making experience with family

- Tasting event for food, which was shown in movie ‘Little Forest’

○ Stage Performance (K-POP Boygroup ‘MCND’)

- A K-POP Boygroup that is on the rise in global recognition, and is scheduled a world tour from May 2023

- Official YouTube channel 379,000 subscribers

- Over 1 Million Instagram followers

- Holds Fan clubs all over the world including the Middle East

○ Dance Performance (Random Play Dance)

- K-POP Randam Play Dance event will be held hosted by popular YouTuber ‘GOTOE’, collaborated by UAE K-POP cover dance crew.

- ‘GOTOE’ is well known by his random play dance events held around the world


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