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Founder Marius Jedlickij of Elite Icon Group

MARIUS JEDLICKIJ, Lithuania national, been living in Dubai for over 23 years, Nr 1 world Digitalizer

1- What was your story of becoming an entrepreneur? (Please talk about your past work experience, career growth journey, and share your long-term vision)

When I came to UAE in early 2000s my first working experience was at a family-owned company British-Lithuanian Partnership as Engineer, Supervising Project at Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zayed over one year.

In 2005 I joined EPG Hotels & Resorts Group that was the Best Developer on the Palm Jumeirah.

Over 10 years representing Owners for sales of Kempinski Palm Jumeirah Residences for all VIP Clients from around the world.

5 years owned a Real Estate & Asset Management as Honorary Partner in Elite Icon Group, was consulting largest GCC Hospitality Corporations & International Investors in Valuation - Optimization – Sales.

In 2017 rejoined the Owner as Vice President of the Group for Kempinski Palm Jumeirah Hotel Suites sale being one of the Most Expensive and Luxurious Properties at the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

2- You have the world's first digitalization experience. Talk about what inspired you to specialize in digitalized real estate and blockchain and computer software development?

Becoming Nr 1 ELITE DIGITALIZER took time.

Right before COVID, starting in 2019, Elite Icon Group invested into Global Real Estate Tokenization taking the risks of being the Pioneer in the Industry.

From Oxford Blockchain to Islamic Finance Qualifications receiving FATWA, from SRB (licensed by central bank of Bahrain) SHARI'A Certificate for Tokenization of Luxury Hotel Assets to Opened Operating Exchange 💱 at AIFC Astana International Financial Center.

The long path & new ways of opportunities inspired to Establish Blockchain & Computer Software Development Company in 2023.

Enjoying life in Dubai along with hard work we united our vision & forces with my brother, - the Owner of Strongest Traditional Developer in Lithuania.

At present moment we have digitalized 43 ELITE Villas in Klaipeda, Lithuania, by adding up to 25% increase to Traditional Asset Price.

The next step is Negotiations with Hotel Operators for ARMARIS ELITE HOTEL: Best ELITE Relaxation HOTEL in Baltic Region with Opportunity for 366 Privileged Hunters & Fishermen 4 SEASONS ALL YEAR LONG

ELITE ICON GROUP launched Elite Mobile Application at Dubai Fintech Summit in May 2023. It gives Hotel & Land Owners an opportunity to sell their Assets with higher price to International Institutional Investors.

ELITE ICON GROUP is in discussion with several Asian & European governments for CULTURAL HERITAGE CONCEPT - 13.7 BLN USDT PROJECT Development.

Uniting our International Teams & Being the Best Nr1 WORLD DIGITALIZATION DEVELOPER we are LOOKING FORWARD NEXT Successful step to Archive.

3- If you observe the growth of the current cryptocurrency market, please tell us your mission to spread your company to the world and your plan as a global leader.

There is no doubt that Cryptocurrency market will soon merge with DFA (DIGITAL FINANCIAL ASSET'S) by 2035 over 13 trillion USD Of Real Assets Will Be Digitalized & Traded & THAT IS HAPPENING NOW.

The FUTURE IS creating NOW

4- What would be your advice to young enterprenurs on what is the important factor in success in life?

For the Young Entrepreneurs I will advise to study & study, learning from the Best but remember that You are Unique and must find Your Own Path by Yourself.


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