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Exemption from safety diagnosis & change of use allowed. Wings for the First New Town Reconstruction

Areas that promote urban reorganization projects with publicity in old, planned cities such as the first new city will be exempted from reconstruction safety diagnosis, and floor area ratio regulations will be eased.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on the 7th that it has finalized the main contents of the special law to reorganize old, planned cities, including the first new city.

The "Old Planning City," which is subject to the special law, is a housing site of more than 1 million square meters, 20 years after the housing site development project was completed under related laws such as the Housing Site Development Promotion Act. The existing reconstruction period is generally 30 years, but the special law is expected to be applied based on more than 20 years after the completion of the housing site development project, which will speed up the project in more areas. The application of the special law is expected to be applied to all new cities, residential districts in the Seoul metropolitan area, and local hub new towns.

The improvement of the retirement planning city will be carried out through the stage of 'Basic Policy->Basic Plan->Setup of Special Maintenance Zone->Implementation of Project'. The basic policy is established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, which includes goals, directions, strategies, securing infrastructure, establishing migration measures, and designating leading districts. The basic plan is an administrative plan established by the head of a Si/Gun for a specific retirement planning city and is established every 10 years, and the feasibility is reviewed every 5 years. The basic plan includes a designation plan for special maintenance scheduled areas and leading districts, expansion of infrastructure, and whether special cases are applied.

The special maintenance zone of an old age planned city shall be designated by the head of a Si/Gun, etc. as an area where urban recreation projects are carried out.

The special maintenance zone is an area where various projects are promoted to strengthen the morning function, such as integrated maintenance of large-scale blocks, complex and high-precision development of stations, expanding infrastructure such as wide-area transportation facilities, and creating a migration complex. It will be designated and announced after deliberation by local committees and consultation with the city and provincial governors under the proposal for resident designation or the authority of the designation authority. Safety diagnosis and floor area ratio regulations will be eased in areas designated as special maintenance zones. In particular, if publicity is secured, such as improving self-sufficiency functions and expanding large-scale infrastructure, safety diagnosis can be exempted, and the project can be carried out immediately. The regulation on the floor area ratio will be eased to allow vertical upward movement, and the regulation will be changed so that the use area can be changed according to local conditions. Remodeling regulations will also be eased. Considering securing additional households in special maintenance zones, the government will allow an increase in the number of households from the current (increasing within 15%). The special maintenance area is an area where several complexes are integrated and maintained. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport plans to set the scope to which one operator can carry out the project in order to smoothly carry out the project. The special law also contains information related to the establishment of migration measures. This is because the first new city could cause instability in the housing market if the housing supply is carried out for five years and reconstruction proceeds at once. Accordingly, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport proposes the principle of measures for disaster in the basic policy, and local governments establish detailed plans for measures for migration in the basic plan. [Everyday economy]

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