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Emirates new Premium Economy cabin has been featured on the latest A380 aircraft.

Travel more comfortably in the new Premium Economy cabin on A380 aircraft on selected routes. The space has been expanded, and you can enjoy a more premium dining experience in the elegant interior of the room.

The new Premium Economy cabin will be available on the new A380 aircraft between Dubai and Paris Charles de Gaulle, London Heathrow, Sydney Airport (from 1 August) and Christchurch (from December).

Sit deeper and wider in the cream leather seats, raise the cushioned leg rest to support your legs and stretch out comfortably in the open space. The adjustable headrest and the deep-seated backrest adjustment make it easy to find a comfortable position and get a good night's sleep with the twinkling mood lights above your head. The spacious Premium Economy seats are located at the front of the aircraft. So you are the first to disembark upon landing.

The regional specialties change monthly, served with Royal Dulton procelain bowls and stainless steel cutlery, so you can enjoy the local flavors. The polished woodgrain dining table folds neatly into the seat for storage, and there is also a side table where you can comfortably place your favorite drinks. We have a wide variety of drinks, including fine wines that are not available in Economy Class, so you can choose what you want.

The Premium Economy cabin has an upgrade in-flight entertainment system with the latest 13.3-inch HD TVs. You can choose from thousands of movies, TV shows, albums and more, and if you prefer, you can even connect your headphones via Bluetooth. The latest A380 aircraft also comes with high-speed Wi-Fi service.


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