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Dubai to replace all taxi models with eco-friendly vehicles by the year 27th

By 2027, all taxis operating in Dubai will be replaced by eco-friendly vehicles (hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles).

The Road Traffic Authority (RTA) said on the 6th, "We will change all taxi models in Dubai to eco-friendly vehicles at an annual rate of 10% over the next five years," adding that the plan is part of RTA's roadmap to operate carbon-free public transportation by 2050.

To date, RTA has replaced 8,221 Dubai taxis, or 74 percent, with hybrid vehicles. Eco-friendly vehicles, which first started operating in 2008, have the advantage of reducing carbon emissions, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs as well as reducing noise. In addition, the overall cost decreases in the long run due to the long flight life of ordinary vehicles. RTA explained, "Eco-friendly vehicles can reduce vehicle purchase prices, maintenance costs, fuel costs, insurance premiums and other related costs by up to 50% of ordinary vehicles." The key to complete replacement with eco-friendly vehicles is to establish an infrastructure that meets demand. Currently, Dubai authorities have reduced the charging time of electric vehicles from eight hours to 1.5 hours, and the charging time will continue to be shorter in the future, according to the newspaper.

Meanwhile, a total of 11,371 taxis in Dubai by 2022 were found to have driven a total of 2 billion kilometers. [Gulf Korean Times]


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