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Dubai's Pink Wave: Falling for the Charm of K-Content

Dubai's bustling City Walk has been painted with the vibrant hues of K-content, thanks to the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA). Their innovative pop-up, 'Kim's House', backed by the Dubai government, has been captivating tourists from the 4th to the 11th.

This groundbreaking pop-up space offers an immersive experience into diverse K-content ranging from K-Pop, fashion, drama, gaming, animation, webtoons, to K-Food. Visitors are having a delightful time exploring themed spaces such as a dress room, living room, playroom, bath room, and kitchen, each offering a fresh taste of K-content.

The dress room, a fusion of K-Pop and fashion, exhibits stage costumes from famous K-Pop idols like Blackpink and aespa, allowing visitors to try on traditional hanboks and contemporary outfits and indulge in the allure of K-fashion.

In the living room, highlights from popular K-dramas and K-Pop music videos are screened, and events like K-Pop dance challenges add to the fun. The playroom's latest VR and arcade games present an impressive sight of visitors engaging with new challenges.

The bath room, adorned with Pinkfong characters, is a hit among kids, while the kitchen, blending K-Food with webtoons, offers a space to experience the harmony of gastronomy and art.

After exploring all these spaces, visitors can participate in a roulette event that offers prizes, including a chance to win tickets to the ‘Korea Spotlight @ UAE’ K-Pop concert at the Dubai Coca-Cola Arena on the 10th.

Visitors from various backgrounds shared, "We were drawn in by the charming pink that caught our eye at City Walk. The rich array of experiences and sights was satisfying, and we made unexpectedly delightful memories."

Kim Chulmin, the head of KOCCA’s Overseas Business Team, stated, "This pop-up house exemplifies the influence of K-content in Dubai, and we will continue to focus on promoting Korean culture in various forms."

'Kim’s House' is set to continue until the 11th, with expectations that the event will further enhance cultural exchanges between Dubai and Korea.


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