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Dubai Business Women Council’s month-long activities end on high note

  • DBWC hosts a series of events to enhance women's competitiveness in the labor market and develop their capabilities and skills.

  • Key issues discussed include mental and emotional health of female entrepreneurs and Entreprenurial skills.

  • Halabi: DBWC events and activities are open exclusively to members of the council.

  • 250 female entrepreneurs took part in DBWC's activities last June.

Dubai, July 19, 2022

The Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) has recently wrapped off a string of seminars, training workshops, and business meetings that addressed crucial topics and catered to the needs of businesswomen and entrepreneurs.

More than 250 businesswomen took part in the DBWC events held last June, which touched on the mental and emotional health of women, fundamental business skills, and how they can invest in their personal and professional competences to increase their productivity in the workplace.

The council also announced it is all set to launch a series of events and initiatives that focus on improving women's labor-market competitiveness and strengthening their capacities and skills.

The Health and Wellness Conference will be one of the major events to be organized by the DBWC to support businesswomen in adopting healthy and sound life practices that would relieve them of business and daily life stresses.

The conference will also help female entrepreneurs pursue and adapt to their professional lives and achieve success on both a personal and professional level. It will include interactive workshops and discussions that review the best practices, strategies, and experiences in the healthcare and human development sectors. The event will also highlight how crucial it is to take good care of one's health in order to lead a balanced and successful life.

The conference will be followed by another major event called "DBWC Masterclass for SMEs Leaders" with the theme "New Business Opportunities to Grow and Succeed - Identify your Why & How,”. The event will empower female entrepreneurs in the business community, brief them on growth and success opportunities, and discuss how best to capitalize on these opportunities.

Nadine Halabi, Business Development Manager of the Dubai Business Women Council, emphasized that the council is looking forward to expanding the skillsets of female entrepreneurs and improving their professional and personal experiences to assist them in realizing their business aspirations and dreams. She stressed that the many events hosted by the DBWC have been instrumental in empowering women and in boosting their competitive edge.

"Over the coming period, the council will organize a series of events addressing diverse themes that concern the business community and foster a culture of self-development among female entrepreneurs," Halabi said, adding that the council membership entitles all members to exclusive participation at these events.

Last month’s activities included a training workshop on mental and emotional health held in collaboration with Mind Resilience Training. The workshop discussed how female entrepreneurs can employ mental wellbeing to tackle both professional and interpersonal challenges. The session was designed to fuel individual energy, productivity, encourage learning and adaptability to changes, as well as to reinforce positive thinking and behavioral patterns.

Other activities also involved a Business Networking Breakfast for DBWC members to enable members to talk about their business and meet like-minded businesswomen. It provided an opportunity for new members to speak, be heard and engage with new and existing members of the Council.

Additionally, the DBWC hosted an exclusive session for its members to explore the art of effective communication entitled “What’s Your Point”. The session focused on the art of asking the right questions strategically in order to drive meaningful conversation in both public and private settings.

The council concluded its June events with another exciting and engaging exclusive session for its members entitled “Evolution of Happiness & Self Esteem,” which helped DBWC members discover the difference between what society truly needs from us and our expectations of it.

Established in 2002, under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Dubai Business Women Council is the official representative organization for businesswomen, both professionals and entrepreneurs, in the Emirate of Dubai. It aims to provide support to Dubai businesswomen and entrepreneurs taking their first steps in the business world.


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