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Dr. Viviana Mucci on IFSO conference at the Health ARAB week

Dr. Viviana Mucci (Ph.D.) is a researcher and entrepreneur who co-founded the Kyram app and Liikuma project. She combined her passion for research, medicine, and sports into smart-digital solutions and businesses. She has also recently opened a consultancy firm to assist new med tech companies willing to pursue a similar path and establish themselves in the UAE.

Dr. Mucci was introduced to the Korean community in the UAE, as she has always been interested in Korean scientific and technological discoveries.

South Korea is among the countries highly ranked in providing quality medical care, and it is ranked 3rd in measuring preventable diseas, alongside Israel ranking in 2nd place and Ireland ranking 1st place.

Presently, Dr. Mucci and her team are exploring what could be done in the UAE with South Korean companies to help patients in this region. South Korea ranked in the top third regarding patient-centered customer service (11th). Dr. Mucci has worked during her career academically but mostly in business with South Korean partners and would love to keep creating impactful collaborations. Dr. Mucci academically is continuing her research while building her business in Europe and the UAE. Currently, she is associated with a postdoc at Western Sydney University Australia, and was previously a postdoc fellow at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, USA, where she worked on central vestibular disorders. Dr. Mucci was a postdoc researcher at the University of Zurich. She was associated with the Swiss Concussion Centre, Schulthess Klinik, in Switzerland, where she brought forward a new frontier of sensory integration in patients affected by post-concussion syndrome.

Dr. Mucci completed her Ph.D. program in the field of Neurotology in July 2018 from Antwerp University, Faculty of Medical Science. Before her Ph.D., she obtained a Master of Science in Space Physiology and Health from King’s College London (UK), where she graduated in 2013. Viviana has therefore developed several experiences and skills in the field of Vestibular Medicine and presenting her work at the IFSO ENT WORLD CONFERENCE next week between the 17th to 21st of January in Dubai World Trade Centre.

In November 2018 Dr. Mucci was awarded the Future Science Early Career Research Award following her work on Mal de Debrquement Syndrome, with formed part of her Ph.D. thesis.

Dr. Mucci has focused and published several peer-reviewed papers on this rare disorder which affects women and is very debilitating for patients. Since her Ph.D., Viviana’s work has focused on continuing to investigate Mal de Debarquement Syndrome, central vestibular disorders, dizziness, and post-mild traumatic brain injuries.

She continuously explores new opportunities to diagnose and manage chronic patients suffering from Central Vestibular Disorders, mainly from a medical device perspective. Although the field related to balance named vestibular system and its knowledge has grown over the last few decades. There are still many pieces of this system that needs addressing. This lack of knowledge is a strong drive for Viviana to continue pursuing research in this particular field.

Viviana is now keen to bring into a concrete business solution all the insights she gained during her years of investigating. And the reason why she co-founded the Liikuma project. The project started when Dr. Viviana Mucci put together a team of experts, including Prof. Mohamed Hamid, and Dr. Carlo Rinaudo, and Homeopath - Nutritionist Gabi Harmon. Together they have been consulting patients suffering from the inner ear and brain-related disorders for many years. After succeeding in treating several challenging cases, they decided to launch the Liikuma project and scale it. Their method was based on a multidisciplinary approach, providing a mix of holistic and traditional medicine programmed online. Their mission is to expand their service and care for patients worldwide. They aim to be the ‘home’ of vestibular patients and patients with inner ear-related disorders across the globe. Currently they are raising funds and welcoming anyone keen on helping their vision become a reality, bringing innovation and digital solutions to patients. They are welcoming any collaborations with Korean med tech companies experienced in providing high-quality patient care. If you want to understand more on this topic, do not miss Viviana at the IFSO conference at the Health ARAB week coming on the 21st of January in Dubai and get to know her and her team. Collaborations among European, American, and Australian researchers and experts with Korean companies would be innovative and expedited to creating something remarkable for the UAE community. Innovation also means combining people and experts in successful collaborations from different parts of the world, and Dubai is the perfect place to do so.


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