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Discover a New Dimension of Art at Knokke Art Fair with MPC Art & NFT Gallery

Quantum Physics and Digital Art: Breaks Boundaries at Knokke Art Fair! From Atoms to NFTs: Brings Innovation with Visionary Art!

Belgian Art Evolution at Knokke Art Fair: MPC Art & NFT Gallery and Shine at Grand Casino Knokke!

Knokke, August 4 - MPC Art & NFT Gallery, Belgium's first phygital Art Gallery, is thrilled to open the door to the future. As a pioneer, I embrace collaborating with those who have the courage to create and explore new possibilities. We will implement Augmented Reality with each artwork, adding an extra dimension to the experience. Furthermore, we offer each artwork as an NFT, allowing collectors the opportunity to double their purchase and trade the growing value of the work.

Recently, I exhibited my works at FTNFT Art Gallery in Dubai, the world's first phygital Art Gallery, where I can explore and integrate unprecedented dimensions into my art.

Additionally, I have the honor of being an ambassador for the first Metaverse Art Fair Basel and Metaverse Art Fair Basel Miami. These events showcase artworks in a virtual gallery, allowing us to interact with the world through the Metaverse.

My fascination with circles and how they permeate our environment, as seen in the pupils of people, our planet, and even the core of flowers, is evident in the Atome series and nearly all of my works. Reducing the Atome series to 1 Atome or planet was a natural step, keeping circles playing a prominent role in my artworks. As a striking testament to my belief in attracting what I paint through art, I proudly presented my large painting of the Louvre Abu Dhabi as part of my exhibition at Warhouse 421 Abu Dhabi. This led to an invitation to create a large installation, giving birth to 'The Rainbow Tunnel,' a 27-meter-long installation that I worked intensively on to bring to the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Curating my own exhibition for the Belgian Pavilion at World Expo Dubai 2020 was an extraordinary honor, thanks to Myriam Cops. I invited fellow artist Fatma Lootah, a top Emirati artist, to exhibit alongside me, making it a unique moment as the Belgian Pavilion usually doesn't focus on Belgian art.

During Abu Dhabi Art, I discovered the works of Yayoi Kusama, particularly her fascination with spheres and circles, which resonated perfectly with my own work. Now, many years later, I feel honored to see my artwork 'Blue Bell Forest' shine on a poster next to Yayoi Kusama's on the facade of the Grand Casino Knokke.

After the challenging period of Covid lockdown, where temperatures soared to 50 to 60 degrees, I survived thanks to an art commission. ‘Transformation Wall,’ an impressive work measuring 120 x 4 meters, displays butterflies from all over the world in abstract flowers and nature. The butterfly theme reconnected me with my childhood fascination for these beautiful symbols of color, elegance, and fleeting life. I discovered that Yayoi Kusama also frequently paints butterflies, creating a beautiful synchronicity.

I am greatly looking forward to further exploring the common art themes shared between Yayoi Kusama and myself, and I can’t wait for Knokke Art 2023.

MPC Art & NFT Gallery, Knokke Art Fair, from Saturday, August 5th, to Tuesday, August 15th, 2023.

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